Humble Pie is Infinitely Delicious – Together Paper


Emily Shaw’s latest article in the Together Paper is a beautiful work expressing humility in it’s true form, and an inspiring read as we
manage the final week of March virtue challenge.

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Walking the Humble Highwire


Emily addresses the issue of ‘tall poppy syndrome’ in Australia and New Zealand culture and how that may reflect the pride of the one’s criticising.

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Can Humility & Confidence Go Together?


Humility means not only are we to develop our character with moderation to how we perceive ourselves, but we are also anchored in knowing who we are in the face of God.

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It’s Back & More Challenging Than Ever!


“It is a truth universally acknowledged that virtuous living is not for the faint of heart. Trying to
navigate living in the world, without being too corrupted by it, is wearying.” VIRTUE CHALLENGE is back!

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Virtue Challenge 2024


We are welcoming back the Virtue Challenge, and we’d like to invite you to come join us on this journey of growth in 2024.

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Looting From Friends


Stina shares her new year’s resolution for 2023 of finally reading her book list, and how she implemented the acronym SMART to make her resolution a reality.

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His Manger, My Heart – Together Paper


Emily Shaw treats us to the
idea of ‘firsts’ this Christmas – first Christmas as a
family, first Christmas with empty chairs round the
table, firsts for joy and firsts for great sorrows. Emily
writes how from the process of life, our hearts may
require healing, and how they are like mangers,
imperfect, sometimes ragged, but having the capacity
to allow Christ to rest in them, regardless of the type of
Christmas experience we have.

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Grace Feltoe shares the acronym WATCH, what it means and how checking your timepiece can be the simplest way to cultivate virtue during your day.

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Joy, suffering and ‘Little James’? – Together Paper


This month, Emily explains to experience true joy does
not mean suffering and crosses are removed, but
co-exist in ones life to bear stronger witness to the
Christian life.
Referencing some of the greatest saints, and the very
popular TV series ‘The Chosen’, this is an article
brimming with insight and thought.

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BLOG PART 3: The Lessons I Learnt from My Wedding Day – Continued!


Reaching part three of this series by Grace Morey, she finishes off with the three final lessons she learnt from her unconventional COVID wedding, including giving, God’s provision and the learning of virtues that underpin her marriage now.

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