Surrender – Part 3


In the final of this three part series, Stina talks about surrender in it’s many facets, but particularly with the moto in mind ‘Let it go, and Let God’ and how that can play out in each of our lives.

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Ache – Part 2


In part 2 of Stina’s blog series, she confronts the topic of how to love through the difficult times, when the love wasn’t reciprocated and her own aching heart was turning hard and bitter.

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Surprising Graces – Part 1


Stina shares with us the first of a three part series of her experiences in the last few months, cleaving the good and receiving the graces from what was a very difficult time.

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Do I or Don’t I


Emily Shaw raises the issue of the prenuptial agreement and how it has a detrimental affect on the day you say ‘I do’.

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The Fruits of Family


Elise Drum explains the goodness of a truly good family, and how from our experience in a family this can help how we interact with all who we encounter

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One Little Act of Thoughtfulness


Emily Shaw gets us to consider where we may lack thoughtfulness in our lives, being shown up by her own preschool aged daughter. When was the last time we did an act of simple thoughtfulness?

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This Ain’t No Instagram


Emily Shaw shares how living an authentic genuine life for others means truly being ourselves – a far cry from any Instagram filters!

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Blokes, Upskill Your Friendships


Emily Shaw shares with us the importance of men investing in friendships, and not letting them fall to the wayside when life and circumstances might change.

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Heroes in Heaven Part V – Mary


Mary, the Mother of God with the title, Help of Christians, cares for all of us and journeys with us as she did with her Son and the disciples. Being open to the working of God in her life, she is a model of Christian life.

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Heroes in Heaven Part IV – Joseph


Heroes in Heaven Part IV – Joseph. An imperfect man was chosen by God to live with and care for perfection. How would that have played out in his life, being the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus? His spiritual battles are an inspiration to us all!

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