Joy, suffering and ‘Little James’? – Together Paper


This month, Emily explains to experience true joy does
not mean suffering and crosses are removed, but
co-exist in ones life to bear stronger witness to the
Christian life.
Referencing some of the greatest saints, and the very
popular TV series ‘The Chosen’, this is an article
brimming with insight and thought.

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BLOG PART 3: The Lessons I Learnt from My Wedding Day – Continued!


Reaching part three of this series by Grace Morey, she finishes off with the three final lessons she learnt from her unconventional COVID wedding, including giving, God’s provision and the learning of virtues that underpin her marriage now.

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The Lessons I Learnt From My Wedding Day – Part 2


Grace Morey continues her blog series, sharing with us two of the five lessons she learnt from her unconventional COVID wedding.

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Our Wedding Story – Part 1


Grace Morey writes the first of a three part series looking back on her wedding story with her now husband, Sam, during the chaos of COVID and the 5 lessons she learnt.

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Bandit, Brumm, and the Emotionally Available Dad


Emily Shaw shares how the famous children’s television show ‘Bluey’ teaches us about fatherhood, and the necessity for men and fathers to be emotionally available to those they love.

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3 Things I Learnt at WYD


Grace Feltoe writes a special blog about her experience of volunteering at World Youth Day, sharing three things she learnt in the hope to inspire you!

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Together Magazine – Sept Edition


We have a page published in the Together Magazine at the start of each month. You can always read if via the Wagga Wagga Diocese website being released at the start of each month, or catch up on here on the blog section of our website at the end of the month.

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The Difference Between a Good Character and Good Character


Did someone say ‘Sex and the City’? In Emily Shaw’s latest blog post, she uses the famous Sarah Jessica Parker in her starring role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City to show how ‘a good character’ does not necessarily mean one possesses ‘good character’.

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The Genesis of Virtue Ministry & Fun Facts


As we celebrate Virtue Ministry’s 7th birthday, we are throwing it back to the blog post ‘The Genesis of Virtue Ministry’, PLUS some entertainment with 7 fun facts of each of our team.

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Surrender – Part 3


In the final of this three part series, Stina talks about surrender in it’s many facets, but particularly with the moto in mind ‘Let it go, and Let God’ and how that can play out in each of our lives.

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