Podcast Notes


Episode 43 – Fortitude


Have you ever wondered what fortitude actually is? Join us this week as we discuss what fortitude means and how to live it!

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Episode 41 – Men & Women are from Eden By Mary Healy- Book Study Part 3


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Episode 40 – Men & Women are from Eden By Mary Healy- Book Study Part 2


We continue the book study ‘Men and Women are from Eden’ by Mary Healy this week and embark on Part 2!

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Episode 39 – Men & Women are from Eden By Mary Healy – Book Study Part 1


Who doesn’t love a good Book Study? Join us as we begin studying the book ‘Men and Women are from Eden’ by Mary Healy. Part 1 this week!

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Episode 37 – The “m” word – Modesty


The dreaded M word… modesty. Dreaded, and yet modesty is a beautiful thing! But what does modesty actually mean? And is it just something girls have to think about? Indeed not! Join us on Living Fullness to explore this important topic.

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Episode 36 – Friendship breakdowns


Friendships — misunderstandings arise, lack of communication, trust lost… listen to our Podcast this week as Stina and Padre discuss these aspects and how to repair + build up friendships!

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Episode 32 – 100th Episode – When Friends work Together


Looking back on the most popular episodes How to know when to end a relationship The 4 temperaments and JesusChristmas and Challenging RelationshipsNatural progression of a Relationship When Friends work Together  Had a conversation about the importance of maintaining a friendship and not allowing it to be consumed by ‘ministry work’. Having […]

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Episode 31 – Marriage – Who is the bridegroom?


What is Marriage in the eyes of a Christian? a covenant marriage made between one man and one woman, with God the creator of marriage at the center, with the purpose of the good of the spouses and for procreation  For the good of the spouses – A path of […]

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Episode 30 – Virtue – Prudence – Judgement


What is the Virtue of Prudence? Cause, measure and of all the virtues – Aquinas Prudence is the Virtue that uses practical reason to discern the good and to choose the right ways to achieve this good.  Practical wisdom Charioteer of the Virtues It directs all the other virtues. So […]

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Episode 28 – Compendium


Compendium Numbers 73-78  The Fall When we speak about the fall, we are generally talking about the fall of man from friendship with God. But before we speak about the fall of man, we need to talk about the fall of the angels. Christian revelation teaches us that the angels, […]

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