Podcast Notes


Episode 14 – Easter


At the beginning of Lent we talked about why we needed an Easter, why we needed God to come save us – to take onboard our sin, pay the ultimate price, and overcome death for us to become adopted children of God. Easter is a time of glory! Every thing […]

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Episode 13 – Holy Week


This Episode walks us through what each of the days of Holy Week mean in the Catholic Church and unpacks a symbolism that can be found within the liturgy. Palm Sunday When we read John 12:12-19, we find the crowds were growing in preparation for the feast of the Passover. […]

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Episode 11 – Book Study Part 3 – Free gift & Spiritual Poverty (part 4 and 5) by Jacques Phillippe


Learning to Love – In the school of Jesus ‘Learning to love is extremely simple: it means learning to give freely and receive freely. We have a strong tendency to give in order to receive in return’. Jacques Philippe, Interior Freedom (pg. 117) In this section Jacques deals with what […]

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S02 Episode 10 – Book Study Part 2 & 3 – Interior Freedom by Jacques Phillippe


“One of the essential conditions of interior freedom is living in the present moment”. Jacques Philippe, Interior Freedom (pg. 81) God is in the present. Sure He was present in the yesterdays, and will be present again in the tomorrows, but He is also very much Alive and Present in […]

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S02 Episode 9 – Book Study Part 1 – Interior Freedom By Jacque Phillippe


Beginning of the Book Study on ‘Interior Freedom’ by Jacque Phillippe. What does it mean to be truly free? Is it merely having as many options as possible, or does it mean something more? What does radical acceptance of who I am, have to do with freedom? All these are answered in this Episode of Living Fullness.

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S02 Episode 7 – Preparation and Lent


It was the most drab, the most difficult and draining. Burdensome and an inconvenience. But when we put it in the context of salvation, all of a sudden Lent is a gift in itself. What gratitude we can have, and ought to have for this time.

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Episode 6. When Jealousy enters a friendship


What do you do when Jealousy enters a friendship? How do you navigate it? Have a listen to this week’s Episode of Living Fullness to find out.

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Episode 5. Gratitude and the Virtue of Justice


What does Justice have to do with Gratitude? and how do you overcome an ungrateful heart? and what is it’s link to a contrite heart. Have a read of the show notes or listen to this week’s episode on Living Fullness to find out.

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Ep 3. Online dating Part 2


Part 2 of Online Dating with a focus on Not stringing people along, How many you should date at any one time, ending contacts in the online world when you’ve met someone, and ending contacts without ghosting anyone

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S2 Ep2 – Online Dating


We did a live stream earlier today, if you missed it check out our page, join any tier to access the live stream, where we talked a bit about the break, padre shared about settling into Narrandera, and Stina about Virtue Ministry plans moving forward, and we talked about what’s coming in this season of Living Fullness.

This is a Patrons Choice Episode.

Is there a place for online dating? – Yes, so long as it’s used as a platform to meet people and not a platform to grow in depth of relationship.

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