Virtue Challenge 101

For those who have heard our talks, been part of our workshops or found a desire by other means to better themselves for and out of love by embracing virtue in becoming all that you were made to be… At last we give you… a Virtue Challenge 101

The Virtue Challenge is a set of traits that breaks down the virtues into practical components we can practice daily to grow in virtue, governed by love and for love, orders our thoughts, actions and behaviours towards goodness, freeing us to be our authentic selves no matter where we are, or what we’re doing.

Here are the steps you need to follow

1. Pray
Don’t fudge on this one. Take time. I mean it. Take time to reflect on why you want to embark on this journey, your motivations, and what you already know are areas you want to work on. Also, ask yourself what might stop you from finishing the challenge. As well as reflection, take time to pray, converse, ask Him what He wants for you here. Stay in relationship with God through it all.
‘Keep the faith’ – 2 Tim 4:7

2. Get yourself an accountability Partner
Ask someone you respect that has qualities you admire to become your accountability partner for the challenge. Their job will be to pray for you, be a sounding board, give you support and even advice if necessary. They will also be someone who will say to you ‘you know you stuffed up there right? So how are you going to get back on the right track?’ and is cheering you on as you get back up.

At Virtue Ministry we recommend those who are in a single state find an accountability partner of the same gender. Elements of the challenge are also about embracing our natural gender qualities and having someone of the same gender can be helpful here.

For those who have a spouse, we recommend your spouse be your accountability partner at the end of the day, it’s your spouse’s role to help you get to heaven. We also recommend you find someone close to you, and of the same gender, who you can speak to for the gender qualities component of the challenge.

3. Set achievable goals
Decide how you want to do the challenge. Some people take on a trait a day at a time, some, one every few days, others one a week. Some decide to work through the list systematically, others pick according to the areas they feel they need to improve on, others pick randomly. Some sit with the same trait until they are satisfied they have achieved a certain level of mastery before moving on, others stick to a set timeline. What ever you decide, make sure it’s suitable for YOU and that it’s achievable.

At Virtue Ministry we recommend spending a week on each trait, which takes approximately 45 weeks to complete (based on the list provided by Sarah Swafford, and depending on which traits you choose to practice, again up to you).

4. Download the list of traits OR Create your own list
We have provided a list for men and one for women which comes from the work of Sarah Swafford at This list is not exhaustive, and you are encouraged to add to it as you like, and let us know when you do using #VirtueChallenge on social media or send us a message

Virtue Challenge – Women (pdf)
Virtue Challenge – Men (pdf)

You will notice the list has a masculinity/femininity component (that differs) and a confidence and commitment component that is the same for both. This is because although we differ in gender, men and women share human nature, in that we are the same. Note also; the qualities mentioned in the masculinity and femininity list does NOT mean that the other is incapable or should not possess certain traits. It merely suggests there are certain traits men and women are naturally more inclined to and this is an opportunity to embrace those freely without apprehension. As mentioned before, it is not exhaustive so add to it as you see fit.

5. Become all you were made to be
Start tackling those traits and strive to become the person you were always created to be. Not a one-in-a-million kind of person, but a once-in-all-of-eternity person, because that is who you are. Irreplaceable. The world will forever be missing something without you becoming all that you were made to be.

We would love to hear how you go with the challenge. Send us a message and use the hashtag #VirtueChallenge to share your journey

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