Live out your fullness

Our mission is to help young people harness their unique potential and discover how to become all they were made to be.

Ready to discover your unique capacity and unleash it on the world?

If so, Virtue Ministry is just the guide you need!

Our initiative is all about guiding young people to human excellence through the areas of self-knowledge, character development, healthy relationships, spirituality, and lifestyle.

Through Virtue, live out your fullness, your unrepeatability, and leave your unique mark on the world!


Our talks and workshops are carefully designed for both religious and non-religious audiences, to ensure our content is tailored to all levels of understanding and receptiveness.

Select from a wide variety of topics and sessions to suit different ages and backgrounds.

As a way of meeting people where they are at, cultivating virtue and facing the struggles of society together, Stina covers a variety of topics on our YouTube Channel.


"I am so proud of Stina and everyone involved at Virtue Ministry!

Virtue can feel like a lost word in our world today, and yet it holds so many answers!

To have a movement in Australia dedicated to helping people strive for and live out virtue…we are so blessed!

All of Australia, be sure to check this out!"

—Sarah Swafford, Emotional Virtue, Chastity Project Speaker and author