FRIENDSHIP. It’s one of those relationships that’s seldom spoken about. A relationship none of us are born knowing how to navigate, and yet expected to have mastered by Grade 1, with a ‘My Best Friend’ declaration. Couple this fast-tracked assumption with Hollywood’s unhelpful interpretations like: who is into who exactly in F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Can men and women even be friends without one of them being painted as a loser in Rom-Coms? and since when is Friends with Benefits even a category of friendship?

To help clear this mess up, Virtue Ministry's Founder, Stina, sits down with one of her long-time, dear friends, Fr. Sean Byrnes, who happens to be a Catholic Priest, to talk about their experiences of friendship. Together, they explore different perspectives and thoughts, as well as unpack the challenges and beauty of real friendship, and suggest ways to develop meaningful, satisfying and joy-filled virtuous friendships.   

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