Podcast Notes


S05 Ep16: Book Study – Gift and Grit – Part 2


Stina and Elise discussed key themes from the book ‘Gift and Grit’, focusing on relationships, dating, love, and personal growth. We explored the nuances of dating, breakup etiquette, and the importance of setting boundaries.

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S05 Ep15 – Book Study – Gift & Grit – Part 1


Part one of our book study on Gift & Grit written by friends of our ministry, Dr Andrew and Sarah Swafford. We reflect on the significance of identity, purpose, meaning, and perseverance in our personal journeys, plus so much more.

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S05 Ep14 – Virtue of Justice


In this episode, Stina and Padre delve into the virtue of justice, exploring its various dimensions and relevance in contemporary society. They emphasize justice as more than just adherence to legal codes but as a moral imperative rooted in gratitude and reverence for a higher power, plus touching on the often-overlooked virtue of religion, the importance of just speech, and the harmony between justice and mercy, plus practical tips to live as a just person.

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S05 Ep13 – Debunking- Does God Hate Sinners?


In this episode, we address a controversial statement made by a pastor regarding God’s attitude towards sinners. We examine Augustine’s perspective, contextualize biblical passages, and rebut Protestant Christology. Drawing parallels with parental love, we explore the concept of unconditional love and share personal testimonies of experiencing God’s mercy and forgiveness.

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S05 Ep11 – Holy Spirit & Pentecost


In this episode, we delve into the empowering moment when the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles, transforming them into effective witnesses of the faith. For us, through invoking the Holy Spirit’s aid, we can courageously proclaim Christ’s lordship in our lives and in the world.

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S05 Ep10: Is Flirting Immoral?


In this episode, we explore the multifaceted nature of flirting, beyond its romantic associations. From boosting self-esteem to showcasing social skills, flirting serves various purposes in human interaction. However, it’s crucial to understand the line between healthy and uncharitable flirting, as well as the importance of context in determining its appropriateness.

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S05 Ep09 – Virtue: Diligence and Perseverance


As the team take on the next virtue for our virtue challenge, we discuss this month’s virtue of Diligence. We cover the many aspects of life and how it is a guiding principle for intentional living and our spiritual lives.

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S06 Ep07 – Should You Have Expectations in Friendship?


In this episode, we explore how to balance giving without expecting anything in return with maintaining healthy expectations in relationships. How do we set boundaries and be intentional about both giving and receiving to nurture fulfilling connections?

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S05 Ep06 – Is Satan the Bad Guy


We tackle the controversial depiction of Satan in the TV show “Hazbin Hotel.” We’ll unravel the storyline and address the misconceptions it presents about Satan, heaven, and creation.

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S04 Ep05 – Virtue of Purity


In this episode, we challenge conventional perspectives on purity, exploring its multifaceted nature beyond mere chastity.

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