Podcast Notes


S03E04 Do Long Distance Relationships Work?


Long distance relationships are often thought of as difficult, or almost impossible. We discuss with Grace Feltoe the positives and negatives in our first co-host episode.

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S03E3 – The Silence of Joseph


St Joseph’s silence in scripture holds so much weight and meaning – as a space where God could speak in his life. We discuss how to emulate this, by applying passive and active silence into our lives and daily prayer.

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S03E2 – The Problem with High Value Women


Our hosts do not take sides on this argument between whether the man or the woman was in the right. She was triggered by what he said, and he was triggered by what he said. Instead, this episode is a conversation around ‘what is a high value woman’ and why this language is problematic.

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S03E1 – Attraction in Friendships


We’re not doomed – Is it risky? Of course! Love requires risk. But two mature people are able to have the above conversations with courage, knowing that those conversations will actually preserve the possibility of friendship, even if that friendship looks different from what it has been.

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Episode 50 – New Year – Word of the Year


Virtue Ministry is wrapping up 2022 and getting ready for 2023! Join us in this episode as we recap the year, the guests interviewed, and Stina + Padre’s personal recap on the year.

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Episode 49 – Happy & Holy Christmas


Christmas 2022 episode! What is Advent preparing us for? What should Christmas look like for us as Christians? Join Stina & Padre in this 2022 Christmas episode!

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Episode 48 – Advent Weeks 3 & 4 – JOY & LOVE


We enter the final two weeks of Advent! This week, Stina and Padre discuss the symbolism of the third and forth candles we light… symbols of Joy and Love.

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Episode 47 – Advent Week 2 – PEACE


Week 2 of Advent… have you ever wondered what the second candle symbolises? Time to discuss PEACE, the symbolism of the second candle we light in Advent.

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Episode 45 – Advent Week 1 – HOPE


As we enter the season of Advent this week, Stina and Padre discuss the symbolism of the first violet candle we light… the symbol of Hope.

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Episode 44 – Gossiping


Why do people gossip? When… gossiping leaves us dissatisfied. Here are some points for recognising gossip and helpful points to overcome the tendency to gossip.

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