Podcast Notes


S04 Ep16 – Preparing the Way – Advent Pt 1


This episode is the first of our 4-part advent series – preparing a way for the Lord. We focus on the scripture passages of Matthew 3:3 and 3:11, and the purpose of John the Baptist and the preparation he undertook for his mission. We hope this series provides inspiration and motivation for your time of preparation this Advent.

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S04 Ep15 – Seasons of Singleness – Longing Acceptance & Focus


This week we are talking about the topic of singleness, covering how to navigate it in seasons, how we may fall into traps of personal growth that may become pitfalls in our character, plus providing practical tips to help navigate this season and grow with the community around us.

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S04 Ep 14 – ‘Jesus Wept’ – Grief


Fr Sean Byrnes and Stina Constantine talk about grief and our response to it, from three different angles: pastorally, therapeutically and of course theologically. Jesus wept with those He loved – weeping is not a wrong state to be in, but how do we best assist others in this state? This episode provides aspects and angles to better grasp how we may help others in our family and community with the loss of someone they may love.

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S04 Ep12 – When a Shepherd Leaves His Flock w/ Grace Morey


We are airing a very sensitive and delicate topic with co-host Grace Morey this week – the gap and silence that has been felt in the Church and community when priests and pastors relinquish their pastoral vocations, NOT to point the finger or blame them, but to address the lack of conversation

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S04 Ep11 – Shattering of Loneliness – Book Study Pt 3


This is the final episode of our three part book study of Erik Varden’s Shattering of Loneliness. We delve into chapter’s 5 and 6, the importance of the Holy Spirit in our remembering, healing, and finding the Truth, how our personal remembrance is to be shared and how awareness is so important to the building of the Church, plus MUCH more.

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S04 Ep10 – The Shattering of Loneliness – Book Study Part 2


Stina and Padre are opening the pages of chapters 3 and 4 of Bishop Erik Varden’s book The Shattering of Loneliness. These pages cover the biblical context of Lot’s wife, and why she looked back, and how that relates to us? Plus Chapter 5 covers the magnitude of the Eucharist and what our disposition should be in the Mass and towards the Eucharist, and much more!

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S04 Ep09 – Book Study 1 – The Shattering of Loneliness


We are embarking on the first part of our three part book study with the work – ‘The Shattering of Loneliness – On Christian Remembrance’ by Erik Varden.

Have a listen as we start at the beginning with chapters one and two, and we reflect on our childhood, recognising good and evil, and understanding the ‘wholeness’ of the sacraments and our existence in it.

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S04 Ep08 – Tattoos and Skydiving


Padre and Stina bring you an episode on two hot topics, tattoos and skydiving, and more specifically the line of what is fun verse dangerous, and what may be inherently wrong behind them is not the actual things themselves but our own motivations. (PLUS BONUS MATERIAL, hearing Padre go on some decent rants!)

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S4 Ep07 – Boundaries


Stina and Padre take on an episode to cover where we should address boundaries in our every day life – the physical, mental, emotional and relational type – and address it in topics and ways we wouldn’t necessarily consider….

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S04 Ep06 – Is Self-Control More Important Than Self-Esteem?


In this week’s episode Fr Sean Byrnes and Stina Constantine chat about the misconception that self-esteem is less important and/or problematic as a Christian, where it’s counterpart ‘self-control’ is on a pedestal of virtuousness… when really healthy self-esteem allows better self-control…

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