Blokes, Upskill Your Friendships


Emily Shaw shares with us the importance of men investing in friendships, and not letting them fall to the wayside when life and circumstances might change.

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Heroes in Heaven Part V – Mary


Mary, the Mother of God with the title, Help of Christians, cares for all of us and journeys with us as she did with her Son and the disciples. Being open to the working of God in her life, she is a model of Christian life.

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Heroes in Heaven Part IV – Joseph


Heroes in Heaven Part IV – Joseph. An imperfect man was chosen by God to live with and care for perfection. How would that have played out in his life, being the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus? His spiritual battles are an inspiration to us all!

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Heroes in Heave Part III – Agnes


Heroes in Heaven Part III – Agnes
‘Jesus Christ is my only spouse’ – Agnes. This week Stina shares with us the story of the little-giant soul, Agnes, taking us into a fresh perspective of this short yet incredible life and how she may impact our own lives.

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Heroes in Heaven Part II – John Paul II


Heroes in Heaven Part II – John Paul II is an incredible inspiration to be a witness to our current culture to never lose hope and to love others and Jesus whole heartedly.

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Heroes in Heaven Part I – Br Anthony Freeman


We are launching our ‘Heroes in Heaven’ series, taking the time to introduce you to some people that we look up to,and support our ministry. We start with Br Anthony Freeman.

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Momento Mori


‘Momento mori’ – ‘Remember you must die.’ Elise Drum confronts us with the famous phrase, the idea of death, and how to approach it living a full life.

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Detachment – Letting Christ In


Exercising the virtue of detachment allows our lives to be rid of clutter and instead filled with the goodness of Christ and His promises.

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‘What is love, anyway?’ – Valentine’s Day


We asked a few simple questions surrounding ‘What is love?’ The responses have been both beautiful and alarming.

This Valentine’s Day will you be bold enough to take up our challenge?

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3 Monkeys


Christmastide… there can be many emotions felt as extended family, in-laws and friends that we may have consciously placed at a distance throughout the year, come together. What should we do? Read on for some tips to help!

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