Stewardship and the Virtue of Justice


Stina shares the perspective of Justice in the form of stewardship, by means of giving others what is rightfully due of our finance, energy, talents and time.

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Dare to Jump: Forming Couples For Marriage


Emily Shaw shares in the Together Paper the importance of preparation and human formation for better success in our marriages in this current age.

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Crossing the Line: Competition & Justice


Justice does not always mean equal. Emily Shaw shares insight into how equality and equity do not mean the same thing, and how flexing the virtue of justice means things may not look fair from the outset.

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Butker, Bias & Leaning Into Your Vocation


Emily shares her thoughts on the Butker speech and how the world has lied to us as to focussing on our selfish ideals, rather than focussing on God’s will for our life and following our vocation.

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A Temple of the Holy Spirit


Elise Drum reflects on the human body, how we treat it, in what ways we may abuse ourselves mentally and physically, and considers how we truly are temples of the Holy Spirit.

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Stay Malleable: The Potter is Still Forming Us


In Emily’s latest article in the Together Paper, she addresses how being perfected in the virtues is no easy task, but through desire for adult formation and openness to malleability, we can allow God to work in us, to go from merely ‘good’ to ‘perfection’.

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Due diligence or do diligence?


Emily Shaw shares what is due diligence and professionalism to our life, and how we can apply it to our life by coming back to the well loved ‘To-Do’ List.

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Are You Giving Unsolicited Advice About God’s Plan?


Elise warns about the presumption of asking about and sharing advice on other people’s lives, not to interfere with God’s plan, while we as the receiver should be asking these questions to ourselves prudently also.

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Playing the Blame Game Does Nothing to Help Heal Our Wounds


Emily Shaw’s latest article is out in the
Together Paper. She talks about the issue of the
‘mother wound’ and how the blame has fallen to women in a world that expects nothing less than for women to leave mothering behind.

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Purity beyond Promiscuity, Lust and Sexual Sin


Stina writes how Purity goes far beyond the connotation of sexual sin, lust and promiscuity. Purity is about a purification of our heart to draw closer to and be in union with God.

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