7 reasons you should reconsider seeing that virtuous girl


Dating and a life of virtue do not exactly go hand in hand. From the girl’s point of view the story often goes a little like this: You meet a guy and he’s nice. He’s handsome and charming. You agree to go out for coffee or dinner. But you know […]

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word courage on wooden background

Courage, Dear Heart


If I asked you to think about a character from a story who sought courage, perhaps a most obvious answer is the Lion in the Wizard of Oz. It was a very clever move by the author of the book – portraying the animal kingdom’s fiercest animal as a timid […]

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couple walking in field holding hands

Be the person you want to date


Modern dating culture is a minefield. It’s a maze of do’s and don’ts, will’s and won’ts, should’s and shouldn’ts. There’s so much to weigh up and everyone seems to have their own standards of what is and isn’t ok. Even within friend and faith circles, you will find opinions and […]

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A cross against sky background

Embrace Your Cross


In the last two thousand years, Christianity has most significantly symbolised itself through the cross. The cross and the crucifix have been recreated by artists of all cultures and eras. There are the elaborate masterpieces of Greek Orthodox gold and the humble carvings of wooden crosses by the faithful in […]

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Silence is Golden


Today, it is so easy to fill the quiet moments in our life with noise. Have you noticed this? Do you find yourself itching to turn the music on in the car, even for a five minute drive? Do you constantly need noise, or the presence of other people to avoid your own thoughts? Our thoughts shouldn’t scare us that much! But if they do – and our response is to drown them out – we will never be able to properly deal with them unless we respond by stopping and listening to the silence.

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Charity Begins at Home


Charity begins at home and there’s no need to compare the glorious moments of another’s life with the ordinary moments of ours.

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All we were created to be


Elise explores the purpose of Virtue Ministry – all we were created to be. She explores and introduced creation in Genesis to us as a starting point for a year, as we begin to unpack the Virtues.

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Our mission of mercy


‘Mercy is something that’s unfathomable until you experience it. It obliterates the walls of ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’ we construct in our human minds and builds them back up with a Divine plan in mind – to get us all to Heaven.’
Elise writes about the impact of being shown mercy as a child Vs the need to show mercy to each other as adults, so that we become more open to and aware of God’s Divine Mercy.

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Reaching new depths


Reaching new depths At Virtue Ministry, we have been given the challenge to focus on a weekly word and scripture passage to apply to our life. Like any spiritual challenge, we often only can get out what we put in, but sometimes that requires guidance or hearing the experiences of […]

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