I am so proud of Stina and everyone involved at Virtue Ministry! Virtue can feel like a lost word in our world today, and yet it holds so many answers! To have a movement in Australia dedicated to helping people strive for and live out virtue… we are so blessed! All of Australia, be sure to check this out!

Sarah Swafford, Emotional Virtue, Chastity Project Speaker & Author

I wholeheartedly endorse Virtue Ministry and it’s much needed impact in young people’s lives. VM provides participants with the opportunity to reflect on the virtues and inspires them to make positive resolutions that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Judi Limbers, Founder and CEO of AV Workshops

It was both inspiring and edifying to see my students so courageous and joyful to share with each other. The feminine genius talk was packed with true, good and beautiful ideas, and presented on a level that was relevant to young people. A delight to be a part of!

Jessica Godwin, teacher from Victoria.

After hearing the talk my mates and I really came away with the fact that people are not objects. They deserve to be loved and respected for who they are. Nobody should have to feel pressured into being someone they are not or doing things that are beneath their human dignity in order to be loved. True love is self giving and not self gratifying. We felt that this is so important today because so many people are left feeling broken and empty as a result

Three Young Men, Students from NSW