Foundational Presentations

Pressures, pitfalls and real relationships

Today our culture faces unique struggles. We examine how mtalks-romen and women struggle together to fight our battles including the pressures of the world, our friends and romantic relationships. This module reveals the worth of an individual, and our potential to be the force that changes the world for the better through discovering the hidden power found within Virtue. The Virtue Challenge will be introduced.

Who: Both Men and Women. School aged students must be of similar ages.
Duration: 60min


The Trendsetting lady

This module looks at how we can have a Healthy relationship with the woman we see in the mirror. It covers acceptance of our flaws and looks beyond being the sum of parts. This module encourages women to stand tall in the body they were given, and its beauty unique, but no more and no less beautiful than another. Here Virtue Ministry demonstrates the need to bring to the surface the lies young women are presented with and reveals the real worth of a woman, and the greatness of her potential in uncovering every aspect of who she is and what she is capable of. We include an introduction to the Virtue Challenge as a way of discovering and practicing becoming everything she is capable of being.

Who: Women. Young women at school must be of similar ages.
Duration: 60min

How-to guide for the modern man

talks-mensThis module looks at practical ways for young men to become the modern gentleman and leader of today. It covers an acceptance of the struggles men face and the great need to overcome them. Here Virtue Ministry destroys the lies men are presented with and gives confidence to stand tall in who they are and who they are becoming. It reveals the greatness within every man, and his responsibility to discover who that man is through striving for Virtue. It emphasises the world’s need of such men – men who will move and protect the world. This module includes an introduction to the Virtue Challenge as a way forward.

Who: Men. Young men at school must be of similar ages.
Duration: 60min

Additional Presentations

Pastoral Care and Mentors

This module is specifically for those who are in any kind of supportive or care giving role of young people. Here Virtue Ministry outlines the struggles faced by young people in a rapidly changing culture, and how they attempt to overcome these struggles. It gives an insight into the thoughts and emotions of a young person. Through exploration of human behavior, it also covers how others can further assist young people instead of feeling like ‘we’ve been sidelined’ or unable to be understood, including influences from positive psychology which is founded on Virtues. This module gives take- home tips to start practicing to create a relationship with young people, whereby they feel comfortable to come to you, and you feel comfortable supporting them, as well as practical tips to give young people as you continue to mentor them. You may even find you’ve learnt something for and about yourself in the process.

Who: Adults in supportive roles including parents and teaching staff.
Duration: 60min

The specifics for a successful Virtue Challenge

Here we break down Femininity/Masculinity, Confidence and Commitment, into what they might look like, encouraging young people to find the balance that works for them. This is a hands on practical workshop, and participants are given the opportunity to start practicing the tips given. This is conducted as a co-ed workshop covering confidence and commitment, but is then split into smaller groups, gender specific for femininity and masculinity, giving further support and encouragement at an individual level.

Who: Co-ed for 30min covering Confidence and Commitment, then gender specific.
Duration: Total 1hr 20min

Note: This module is only appropriate as an addition to one of the foundational presentations.

* Note all talk durations include some time for questions.