About us


Virtue Ministry was born out of the need for our culture to rediscover virtue. In discovering human excellence and acquiring habitual virtue we are re-acquainted with all that is true, good and beautiful.

Humble beginnings – conversations and experiences that highlighted the real need for this message of virtue, coupled with years of discerning, planning and prayer came to fruition in the establishment of this Christian initiative. As of 2023, Virtue Ministry is moving away from Youth Ministry and into Adult Human Formation - with a focus on seminaries and church communities, parents and ministries.

Our passionate team leading the charge to re-awaken the call to virtuous living, are spurred on by the visible impact, and heartfelt testimonies, that have become hallmarks of our ministry.

Our Mission

Virtue Ministry strives to achieve nothing less than the forming of individuals and communities to harness their inner goodness and unrepeatability, and to make a gift of themselves to the world!

We can all be movers and shakers for the Kingdom of God, if we’re well equipped and it’s here that Virtue Ministry excel. Through a focus on human formation in the development of an understanding of VIRTUE as habitual goodness; our strengths AND areas for growth — we help people to love excellently.

In recognising our identity as a beloved child of God and the foundation of our worth found in Christ, we can delve deeper into the truths hidden in our culture, rediscover the beauty of authentic relationships and the necessity of living a life of goodness. This life of VIRTUE allowing us to become more of ourselves and to live life to the full.


What we do

We achieve our mission primarily through our interactive workshops, and talks which are tailored for Adult Audiences - particularly Seminaries and Church Communities (individuals, couples, families and ministries). We also have resources available including regular blog articles, YouTube videos and The Living Fullness Podcast.

Why we do it

Seeing people begin to live lives of fullness in Christ - through reaching for their unique potential, leading joyful, virtuous, and full lives; consequently, changing the course of history. In a nutshell, the reason why we do this - for the Kingdom of God!   (TKC - Mat 6:10)


Logo Explained

APPLE: The world offers us the apple, but instead of grasping it like Adam and Eve did, we can fight for something greater. Don’t fall prey to the forbidden fruit — rediscover VIRTUE!

VIRTUE: Christ is the ‘T’ in Virtue Ministry, the central foundation of our mission. He is also the foundation of our worth, individually. VIRTUE makes us more like Him — and more fully ourselves!

OLIVE BRANCH: This is your new beginning. The opportunity to grow in VIRTUE. To be the victor of a spiritual fight that will result in you discovering your unique purpose and unleashing it on the world!

Keen to get started?