about-authentic-friendshipOur vision

Every person becoming all they were created to be.


This line of ministry was inspired by a combination of people and experiences. Prominent speakers such as Sarah Swafford, and experiences like All.U.Re Workshop training week, where VM was asked by the CEO to present on Virtue. In unison, those present agreed the message was crucial and desperately needed to be shared. After a year of discerning the ‘how’s and why’s’ a proposal for a new line of ministry was put forward. Challenging conversations by three passionate people, aided by numerous cups of coffee, led to an initiative that remained solid in its foundation and message. Virtue Ministry became a reality and the impact and testimonies have kept rolling in.


Virtue Ministry aims to guide men and women to harness their inner goodness and uniqueness in order to become movers and shakers of the world around them, as they were created to be. We accomplish this through developing an understanding of Virtue as habitual goodness, including thought/emotion and actions, and identifying areas of existing strengths, but also areas which every individual personally wishes to work on. With the foundation of our worth centred on Christ, we reveal the truths about our rapidly changing culture, particularly it’s manifestations within our relationships. This includes friendship and romantic relationships, and how the necessity for Virtue to be lived out is the way forward, freeing us to uphold worth and to crush use.