Reaching new depths

Reaching new depths

At Virtue Ministry, we have been given the challenge to focus on a weekly word and scripture passage to apply to our life. Like any spiritual challenge, we often only can get out what we put in, but sometimes that requires guidance or hearing the experiences of others to know we aren’t alone if we struggle in this.

Today, I want to share a simple reflection I have been able to make in this challenge so far and encourage you try it out for yourself!

A few weeks ago, our word for meditation was Depth: a simple word that can be so loaded with meaning. This made it ideal to reflect on but if I was to bear fruits from this challenge, I really needed to get back to basics. So I went to the dictionary…

Depth – noun:

  • The distance from the top to the bottom of something
  • The quality of being intense or extreme

If we are to beneficially meditate on a word, we need to be clear on its meaning, especially in such a relative world. So often, the point where we go wrong and make mistakes in life is catalysed by a moment when truth was lost, and error took its place.

But like our faith, truth doesn’t completely restrict us from individuality and creativity. We don’t need to fear that it will make us boring, predictable or unadventurous. In fact, it will allow us to thrive. God is truth after all!

Even a simple word like Depth has two meanings we could choose from to reflect on. Depending on who you are, you may notice a particular one resonate with you. Maybe a certain definition or event entered your mind just upon reading the word.

To me, the first definition suggests a physical distance that we must overcome, like reaching the bottom of a swimming pool. The second definition of Depth implies something much less tangible and more felt within.

Perhaps (like me!) when you reflect on the depth of your faith or relationship with God, you may see the relationship you desire to be at the bottom of a swimming pool.

              The deepest part of my local swimming pool when I was growing up was 3 metres. I was 9 years old when I decided one summers day that I would train myself to reach the bottom. I would see older or more experienced kids pin-drop to the bottom and sit on the pool floor before ascending in a trail of bubbles to the surface. My first attempt to reach the depth ended in coughing and spluttering and sore ears from the pressure. So I started at the more shallow end and when I could dive to the bottom and sit comfortably at one depth, I hopped out of the pool and repeated my practice at a gradually deeper part. By the end of the day, I could comfortably swim to the bottom.

This sense of physically overcoming a challenge is bit like reaching new depths in our relationship with God – it requires effort and time.

              Whilst this reflection I had, wasn’t a ground-breaking thought or something I hadn’t heard before, it was a mindset that I can now take to prayer, especially when I feel unworthy to engage in a conversation with God Himself!

Adding to this was the scripture passage that accompanies our reflection:

“No man has seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and His love is perfected in us”

1 John 4:12

We can’t be reminded enough of how much we are loved and wanted! The idea of each of us being called to a personal relationship with God and to fulfil a specific task designed for us is a ground-breaking truth!

It gets me every time and I hope it motivates you today to challenge yourself to join our reflection and reap the rewards of whatever God wants of you.

Elise Drum

Elise is a second year Medical student from rural NSW who enjoys a variety of sports and being outdoors. She also loves food but when it comes to cooking – she claims to burn water.

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