3. Blessed are the Meek for they shall inherit the earth

  • This includes not being attached to power on earth – Interesting that as with most things with God, those unattached to earthly power are the same ones who are promised they shall  inherit the earth. This makes intuitive sense when we look at gifting someone something that is beautiful and to be cared for.  We wouldn’t want to give it to the person who is going to wield their power over it and push it to destruction,  but instead gift it to the one who is disinterested in having power over it, and instead is meek enough to accept the gift and to want to care for it. 

A side thought: I think this is what God asks of us with the gift of life too, to not look for ways to gain power and to dominate over one another, but instead be humble with our own strengths and weaknesses as well as with those around us, which is how we gain self-mastery. Self-mastery isn’t just about building up our strengths, and the weaknesses that have been overcome, but to actually see who we truly are, and offer all of ourselves to God, this includes weakness and brokenness.  

Detachment from worldly power can lead to a greater ability to allow the power of God to reign. ‘Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’ (Matthew 6:21)

  • Meek people are gentle (not in a weak way) but it takes courage to be humble. Patient and obedient

Turn the other cheek’ – it takes toughness to not fight back, it takes strength to hold back your hand. When I stand my ground and turn the other cheek, that is not weak, it’s strength. – Bishop Barron 

Being able to take it, and stand firm, actually forces the other person to confront their behaviour instead of feeling justified or being distracted by our negative response like an outburst or retaliation.

Christ also stood up against unjust treatment of himself. To the guard who strikes him in his passion he says: “If I have said something evil, point it out, otherwise, why do you strike me sir? Standing up for oneself is not contrary to meekness. 

This beatitude also has a Link with the commandment to honour thy father and mother. It involves listening to parents and all legitimate authority. Without meekness this listening is impossible. We can’t be corrected without meekness. we can’t learn without it. Meekness also enables us to love not only authority but also those entrusted to our care, which is part of 4th commandment also. 

Ultimately meekness enables us to hear the authority of God and accept his word. 


  • Padre – First Mass/Mass of thanksgiving
  • Stina – Restrictions lifting = Just being able to sit in a church again

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