Podcast Notes

Episode 44 – Gossiping

Why do people gossip? When… gossiping leaves us dissatisfied. Here are some points for recognising gossip and helpful points to overcome the tendency to gossip.

Episode 37 – The “m” word – Modesty

The dreaded M word… modesty. Dreaded, and yet modesty is a beautiful thing! But what does modesty actually mean? And is it just something girls have to think about? Indeed not! Join us on Living Fullness to explore this important topic.

Episode 32 – 100th Episode – When Friends work Together

Looking back on the most popular episodes How to know when to end a relationship  The 4 temperaments and Jesus Christmas and Challenging Relationships Natural progression of a Relationship When Friends work Together  Had a conversation about the importance of maintaining a friendship and not allowing it to be consumed […]