5. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy 

We begin by acknowledging that we are broken. We need only look at mental health stats to know that we’re not doing so great as a whole. That we’re struggling and in need of healing. That starts with God’s mercy but also our acceptance of the need for his mercy. 

Our Christian faith hinges on Mercy. God didn’t give us what we deserve, he gifts us mercy. Do we give others better than they deserve? or do we look to get even? to act from a place of self-entitlement? If there is anything we should be known for, it’s people who are merciful, because we follow the model set before us in Christ, our merciful saviour.

If we truly believe in the mercy of God, we ought to give this mercy to others also. It’s easy to give something away to someone when we receive it without it costing us anything,  and when we have an abundance of it. Both of these are true when it comes to God.
1. We didn’t deserve mercy from God, yet he gave it to us at no cost of our own, in fact, at his expense, at the life, passion and death of his beloved son, Jesus Christ. Our salvation, cost Jesus his life, and yet didn’t cost us anything.
2. God’s mercy never runs dry. His death was the greatest and ultimate sacrifice, that cannot be outdone, and is forever a source of grace. Grace which is always overflowing. When we deserved nothing, and God gave us everything, that mercy doesn’t disappear into some vacuum. That has been given us in abundance, and we ought to give it away too.  

If we truly believe these two things to be true? What’s really standing in the way of us receiving and being merciful to one another? 

Corporal (body) and spiritual works of mercy

– Corporal works of Mercy ,

Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick and imprisoned, bury the dead, give alms to the poor. 

 – Spiritual works of Mercy 

-Instruct the Ignorant, Counsel the doubtful, Console the afflicted, Forgive offences, Bear wrong doings with patience, Pray for the living and the dead

 – 10th and 5th commandment. Turning the other cheek, not seeking vengeance upon those who have wronged us. Not allowing envy to rule us, forgiving faults, and using words of mercy to those we find objectionable. 

Both these commandments encourage us to bear wrongs patiently and to leave vengeance and punishment out of our minds.  

A link to the 5th commandment – taking of life in the physical sense, but also killing of spirit of our own such as in thought, or of another in words and in deeds. 

Also linked with the 10th Commandment – not being covetous of another’s property – we only seek what someone else has when we feel we are deficient in some way. If we can truly recognize the abundance of grace God gives us, and we know everything is Grace, then we know we already have an abundance and have no need for what others have. This also includes self-mastery of thoughts, and desires.


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