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S05 Ep11 – Holy Spirit & Pentecost

In this episode, we delve into the empowering moment when the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles, transforming them into effective witnesses of the faith. For us, through invoking the Holy Spirit’s aid, we can courageously proclaim Christ’s lordship in our lives and in the world.

S05 Ep03 – Holy Week – Gift & Mystery

Hosts Stina and Padre explore the deeper meaning of Holy Week, emphasizing the significance of suffering. They discuss the concepts of Gift and Mystery, and the connection between suffering and redemption, urging us to actively participate in Christ’s sacrifice.

S5 Ep1 – Virtue of Humility

Stina and Padre invite listeners to embrace the transformative force of Humility in their journey of virtue. They emphasize that true Humility is not a checklist of actions but a state of being that flows from a life of virtue.

S04 Ep20 – Happy New Year & Word of the Year

In our final episode of the year, Stina and Fr Byrnes conclude this season and 2023 with their individual ‘word of the year’, how it affected them, how it evolved and transformed, and how it was an experience of walking alongside the word and growing with grace from God.

S04 Ep19 – Merry Christmas

Stina and Fr Sean Byrnes take this time before Christmas to help us prepare for the 4 Sunday of Advent and Christmas Day back to back. They explore the idea the Christ child juxtaposed with his Crucifixion, the beginning and end of Christ’s life, the power of Christ overcoming the darkness, and then shine a light on how we can manage this season, keeping the Christmas Grinch at bay as we navigate the week ahead.

S04 Ep18 – ‘Rejoice’- Advent Episode 3

Part 3 of our Advent series has us talking about joy and rejoicing taken from Philippians 4:4. Padre and Stina discuss the necessity of rooting and cultivating one’s joy in the depth of Christ Jesus during Advent, and not being persuaded or hoping to find one’s true Christmas joy in the materialism of the season, nor even the ‘perfect’ Christmas dinner.