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S03 E10 – Leisure as an Expression of Culture

Padre and Stina sit down to chat about how our Western culture tends to deal with leisure through excess and escapism, rather than true wholesome ways of recreation and connection. They break it open plus give you some tips as to how to embrace leisure in its truest form.

S03 E09 – Turn the Other Cheek

Covering the often wrongly interpreted Gospel passage of ‘turning the other cheek’, we delve into what is true charity in our actions, in the plight of seeking fair and true Christian justice, and also covering mimetic violence and how Christ is the answer to all.

S03E3 – The Silence of Joseph

St Joseph’s silence in scripture holds so much weight and meaning – as a space where God could speak in his life. We discuss how to emulate this, by applying passive and active silence into our lives and daily prayer.

S03 E2 – The Problem with High Value Women

Our hosts do not take sides on this argument between whether the man or the woman was in the right. She was triggered by what he said, and he was triggered by what he said. Instead, this episode is a conversation around ‘what is a high value woman’ and why this language is problematic.