Podcast Notes


S03 E12 – Book Study Part 1 – Holiness is the Work of the Holy Spirit


This episode is part 1 of our book study covering the book by Fr Jacques Philippe ‘In the School of the Holy Spirit’. We delve into how increasing in holiness is not the work of ourselves, but the desire and work of God within us, and how conversion of our natures to the virtuous is not a road taken by ourselves, plus much more!

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S03 E10 – Leisure as an Expression of Culture


Padre and Stina sit down to chat about how our Western culture tends to deal with leisure through excess and escapism, rather than true wholesome ways of recreation and connection. They break it open plus give you some tips as to how to embrace leisure in its truest form.

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S03 E09 – Turn the Other Cheek


Covering the often wrongly interpreted Gospel passage of ‘turning the other cheek’, we delve into what is true charity in our actions, in the plight of seeking fair and true Christian justice, and also covering mimetic violence and how Christ is the answer to all.

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S03 E08 – The Devout Life – Cohost – Elise Drum


Stina and Virtue Ministry team member Elise Drum co-host this week and break open Francis de Sales’ book ‘The Devoted Life’. They ask the questions what is devotion, who are we devoted to and how to implement this approach to our daily life?

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S03 E07 – Friends Centred on Christ See Things Differently


Stina and Padre sit down to discuss why they weren’t so excited to be living in the same place, when everyone expected otherwise. Was this strange? Was there something wrong? They dig into this topic, knowing that friendship centred on Christ will look different.

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S03 E06 – Easter Episode: Living Witness to the Resurrection


In our Easter episode we chat about being witnesses to the Resurrection through hope, and how to overcome that when life brings us challenges.

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S03 E05 – Why ‘Good’ Friday?


Holy week is around the corner, and our co-hosts are having a chat about Good Friday – the Agony in the Garden, and why do we call it ‘Good’ Friday?

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S03 E04 Do Long Distance Relationships Work?


Long distance relationships are often thought of as difficult, or almost impossible. We discuss with Grace Feltoe the positives and negatives in our first co-host episode.

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S03E3 – The Silence of Joseph


St Joseph’s silence in scripture holds so much weight and meaning – as a space where God could speak in his life. We discuss how to emulate this, by applying passive and active silence into our lives and daily prayer.

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S03 E2 – The Problem with High Value Women


Our hosts do not take sides on this argument between whether the man or the woman was in the right. She was triggered by what he said, and he was triggered by what he said. Instead, this episode is a conversation around ‘what is a high value woman’ and why this language is problematic.

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