Podcast Notes


Episode 27 – Scripture Passage


Part of the sermon on the mount Jesus teaches about a whole range of things, beginning with the beatitude through to divorce, and how we should treat our enemy, through to prayer, he gives us the Lord’s prayer. We get a teaching on being charitable in action and then he […]

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Episode 26 – Q&A


Questions for Padre & Stina How do you call a friend out without coming across as self righteous? How do you talk faith with non-faith friends? What’s your take on the saying ‘blood is thicker than water’ especially since the original saying actually means the opposite of how people use […]

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Episode 24 – Book Study : The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis ( Part 3)


Chapters 12-14 Imagery of the procession – Glory Imagery – Hell is but a small crack, and not comparable to the enormity of heaven  Discussion on Pity and manipulation  PRIDE AND SHAME In chapter 12, a conversation between a husband and wife ensues. The wife is now a bright spirit […]

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Episode 23 – Book Study : The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis ( Part 2)


Chapters 7 -11  Chapter 8 – PRIDE AND SHAME A female ghost is hiding and is met by another light spirit. The ghost is so preoccupied with focusing on self, and refuses to step out into the light. The light spirit tries to encourage her, assuring her that everyone here […]

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Episode 22 – Book Study : The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis ( Part 1)


William Blake’s the marriage of heaven and hell. Lewis doesn’t pit himself against Blake, rather against the attempt to marry heaven and hell, good and evil. He writes of the divorce of heaven and hell. He writes that there is a modern belief (bearing in mind he’s writing in the […]

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Episode 20 – What happened at Pentecost?


Reminder: Book Study begins in 2 weeks! In the Acts of the Apostles, we’re reminded that Jesus tells His disciples ‘for John baptized with water, but before many days you shall be baptized with the holy spirit’ Act 1:5. And in John 14:26 we’re told ‘But the counsellor, the Holy […]

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Episode 19 – Patrons Choice – Layers of Evangelisation


This is a Patrons choice episode. When we think of evangelisation, most people generally think BIG like ‘Martin Luther King’ level, or Chris Stefanik level, or even becoming a missionary in some third world country. Some people are called to this, but not everyone. Yet, every Christian has been given […]

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Episode 18 – Virtue – Temperance – Sobriety


This episode is based on one of the workshops we run on Virtue and Temperance, and we’ll focus today on Sobriety.  What is sobriety? We often think it’s only about not being drunk. Like we know we shouldn’t be dancing on the line, so, if we just keep dancing near […]

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Episode 17 – Patrons Choice – Friendship with people of different faiths


This is a Patrons choice episode. To what degree do the people we surround ourselves with influence our way of life? Such an important question to ask. (I become the average of the 5 people I spend the most time with) VS the opposite end – having nothing to do […]

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Episode 15 – Scripture Passages and their reactions


In this week’s episode, we discuss Scripture passages. What is your earliest memory with a scripture passage? Padre: Noah’s ark – the little golden book – And I was inquisitive about the Mary and God the Father Stina: Other than the OT bible stories in children’s books – Passion and […]

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