Podcast Notes


S04 Ep08 – Tattoos and Skydiving


Padre and Stina bring you an episode on two hot topics, tattoos and skydiving, and more specifically the line of what is fun verse dangerous, and what may be inherently wrong behind them is not the actual things themselves but our own motivations. (PLUS BONUS MATERIAL, hearing Padre go on some decent rants!)

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S4 Ep07 – Boundaries


Stina and Padre take on an episode to cover where we should address boundaries in our every day life – the physical, mental, emotional and relational type – and address it in topics and ways we wouldn’t necessarily consider….

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S04 Ep06 – Is Self-Control More Important Than Self-Esteem?


In this week’s episode Fr Sean Byrnes and Stina Constantine chat about the misconception that self-esteem is less important and/or problematic as a Christian, where it’s counterpart ‘self-control’ is on a pedestal of virtuousness… when really healthy self-esteem allows better self-control…

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S04 Ep05 – VM Birthday & Fortitude


In this week’s episode we are celebrating Virtue Ministry’s 7th birthday, and with that covering the virtue of Fortitude, particularly looking back on how necessary it was to start Virtue Ministry. Listen as Fr Sean Byrnes and Stina encapsulate fortitude, with god’s glory, consistency and perseverance.

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S04 Ep 03 – Managing Expectations in Relationships w/ Co-Host Elise Drum


Stina sits down with Virtue Ministry team member, Elise Drum, to chat about the necessity of understanding and communicating expectations in the various relationships in your life, by communicating, defining roles and having the reasons why. 

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S04 Ep02 – Marriage Preparation


This episode Padre and Stina talk about the necessity of marriage preparation not just in the last six months before marriage, but in all aspects of our maturation. We cover the problem of the lack of resources for couple and individuals and that marriage and couples counselling is for EVERYONE.

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S04 Ep01 – Kicking the Bucket List – Bishop’s Choice


Referencing the podcast episode ‘When Church stops working featuring Andrew Root’ Podcast, our first episode back is one requested by Bishop Mark Edwards. We crack open the issue of the classic ‘bucket list’, and how that is essentially against the Christian life, as it focuses on what we can ‘tick’ of rather than how we can become a saint.

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S03 Ep20 – Cancel Culture & Keeping Christianity Alive


Stina and Padre sit down for our final episode of the season, tackling the current issue of cancel culture and balancing that with living a Christian identity. How do we navigate this, find the balance and live in the world, but not of the world?

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S03 Ep18 – ‘Not Now, Later’ – Diligence & Disobedience


In this week’s episode, Stina and Padre confront the issue of the ‘not now, later’ attitude, and the virtue of diligence and vice of disobedience. They address how this attitude can form bad habits and the sin of slothfulness and laziness if not addressed, and how ultimately it is a form of love to act in the now.

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S03 Ep17 – The Need for a Motherhood Village w/ Co-Host Emily Shaw


In this episode we have Emily Shaw co-host with Stina and Padre, as they talk about the importance of a ‘motherhood village’ as mothers live out their vocation. They cover the benefits of a village, plus the topics of societal isolation, clichés, healing from rejection and how men can play a role.

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