The Beatitude Series – 1. Blessed are the Poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven

What does Jesus call us to through the beatitudes when He says happy are… or blessed are… ? How can we live out being poor in spirit? In this new series we outline the path of happiness, joy and blessedness that comes from living out the beatitudes, and in this particular episode the call to living simply.

Main points;

  • There are different forms of poverty, and economic poverty is only one of them
  • A path to living abundance not only in Heaven but also on Earth
  • How the beatitudes bring the 10 commandments to fulfilment
  • A Link between this beatitude and the 1st Commandment – I Am the Lord your God, you shall have no other strange god’s before me.

On the Living Fullness Podcast we have begun a series on the Beatitudes and exploring how each of these bring the commandments to fulfilment, creating a path of abundance in this life and the next. This episode particularly focuses on the 1st Beatitude and the various detachments we need to have including what Thomas Aquinas mentions as needing to ‘Despise what Jesus despised on the Cross, and Love what Jesus loved on the Cross’. These detachments include putting all else to the service of God, and ensuring we have our hearts and minds rightly ordered.

A beautiful example of being detached from all earthy things is a letter written by St Louis IX to his son.

Padre – Narranderra Parish’s response to Fr Rafter moving to the Seminary next year.
Stina – We are not just a shell, or a spirit only. Integration of mind, body and spirit in the healing journey.

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