A Mini-Retreat and Reboot

Retro Styled Image Of A Hidden Sign For A Spiritual Retreat

This is a retreat we put together a couple of years ago, it has been used over and over on many occasions. It’s an opportunity for personal reflection and to reboot our lives. We’re all getting used to living a busy kind of lifestyle with back to back appointments, opportunities, events and activities, especially in the lead up to Christmas. When the financial year ends, it comes as a shock when we realise Advent is almost over, Christmas is around the corner, and that means New Year is not far off. The tail end of the year is approaching and we all know how crazy that time of year becomes. If you find you have a few hours up your sleeve, then now is the ideal time to just stop, retreat and REBOOT, so you can finish the year Strong. We have put together a few
ideas here for a 3-hour retreat from the rest of your life.

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