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S4 Ep07 – Boundaries

Stina and Padre take on an episode to cover where we should address boundaries in our every day life – the physical, mental, emotional and relational type – and address it in topics and ways we wouldn’t necessarily consider….

3 Monkeys

Christmastide… there can be many emotions felt as extended family, in-laws and friends that we may have consciously placed at a distance throughout the year, come together. What should we do? Read on for some tips to help!

Episode 26 – Q&A

Questions for Padre & Stina How do you call a friend out without coming across as self righteous? How do you talk faith with non-faith friends? What’s your take on the saying ‘blood is thicker than water’ especially since the original saying actually means the opposite of how people use […]

S2 Ep2 – Online Dating

We did a live stream earlier today, if you missed it check out our page, join any tier to access the live stream, where we talked a bit about the break, padre shared about settling into Narrandera, and Stina about Virtue Ministry plans moving forward, and we talked about what’s coming in this season of Living Fullness.

This is a Patrons Choice Episode.

Is there a place for online dating? – Yes, so long as it’s used as a platform to meet people and not a platform to grow in depth of relationship.