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A Christian False Sense of Security

Elise Drum shares that comparison and relativism to those around us is a slippery-slope from having virtue turn to vice. And how we should be comparing ourselves to those we admire rather than those we feel morally superior to.

S05 Ep14 – Virtue of Justice

In this episode, Stina and Padre delve into the virtue of justice, exploring its various dimensions and relevance in contemporary society. They emphasize justice as more than just adherence to legal codes but as a moral imperative rooted in gratitude and reverence for a higher power, plus touching on the often-overlooked virtue of religion, the importance of just speech, and the harmony between justice and mercy, plus practical tips to live as a just person.

A Temple of the Holy Spirit

Elise Drum reflects on the human body, how we treat it, in what ways we may abuse ourselves mentally and physically, and considers how we truly are temples of the Holy Spirit.

Stay Malleable: The Potter is Still Forming Us

In Emily’s latest article in the Together Paper, she addresses how being perfected in the virtues is no easy task, but through desire for adult formation and openness to malleability, we can allow God to work in us, to go from merely ‘good’ to ‘perfection’.