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S4 Ep07 – Boundaries

Stina and Padre take on an episode to cover where we should address boundaries in our every day life – the physical, mental, emotional and relational type – and address it in topics and ways we wouldn’t necessarily consider….

S03 E1 – Attraction in Friendships

We’re not doomed – Is it risky? Of course! Love requires risk. But two mature people are able to have the above conversations with courage, knowing that those conversations will actually preserve the possibility of friendship, even if that friendship looks different from what it has been.

Episode 37 – The “m” word – Modesty

The dreaded M word… modesty. Dreaded, and yet modesty is a beautiful thing! But what does modesty actually mean? And is it just something girls have to think about? Indeed not! Join us on Living Fullness to explore this important topic.

I like hanging out, but I don’t want to be friends…

Friendships can bring the greatest of emotions; pride in our friend’s success, sorrow in their struggle, and victorious triumph when we overcome a challenge. But friendship can also be the things that can hurt us the most and leave scars; some that will fade with time. Being open to authenticity […]