Prayer Co-ordinator Reflection

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An Easter reflection from our prayer co-ordinator, Grace Morey 2022

‘He is not here, for He is risen!’ Mt 28:6

I smiled at my assistant as she smuggled the Lego man Jesus out of our model tomb, hid him behind her back and repositioned the stone; as I tried to distract our group of 3- and 4-year-olds at Kids Church.  They had watched him go into the tomb, as we explained that that’s where he was laid after he died. We wanted to help them understand the Resurrection, but would we be able to pull this off? 

I invited one of the children to come and roll away the stone and look for Jesus. The look of sheer delight on his face as he discovered that the tomb was empty put a huge smile on my face.  He announced to the others ‘He’s not in here!’. I asked, ‘Why is Jesus no longer in the tomb?’, ‘He is alive!’ they chorused. I looked over to my assistant again with another smile – we didn’t think they would fall for it. 

I realised later that really, the kids probably did see us take the Lego man Jesus out, and that they probably understood he was in fact just a Lego man! However, they got it. They understood that the real Jesus, their friend, was and is alive. They had experienced the joy of the Resurrection in a way that I struggle to experience it as an adult – with uncomplicated openness, trust, and delight. 

During Easter we celebrate the most amazing aspect of Christianity: The Resurrection. Death is not the end. Our disappointments, failings, discouragements, losses and mistakes are not the end! Our sufferings, although terrible and almost unbearable at times, are joined with Jesus’ suffering.  He has compassion for us. He suffers with us. And after the suffering comes New Life. After Good Friday comes Easter Sunday. 

How can I be open to the power and realness of Jesus’ Resurrection in my life? There’s the reality of Heaven of course. But I know there are many other mini-Resurrections this side of Heaven. I just need to notice them. 

In the VM team, we have new team members – this is a New Life, Alleluia! The Prayer Tribe too, is expanding. This is the power of the Resurrection! Parishes are returning to life again after 2 years of limited access to the Sacraments, restrictions and postponements. Our Lord leads us through the desert into New Life. 

Perhaps we can reflect on the ways in which God healed us, moulded us and purified us during the recent season of Lent in order to prepare us for the New Life we have now. Even if we feel as if our Lent was lacklustre or a disappointment, trust me, His grace was working. His fruits are not limited by our shortcomings. What are the Easter fruits that we get to enjoy now that we have been lead through Lent? So often I have ‘finished Lent’ only to celebrate for a day on Easter Sunday and then return to my normal life. But there are 50 days of the Easter season versus just 40 days of Lent! We are called to a prolonged celebration and feasting upon the New Life that we have in Him!  May we proclaim together, “He is alive!”

Thank you to all of our Prayer Tribe and friends for your generous support of VM. May you have a truly Happy Easter. 

Yours in Jesus, 

Grace Morey.