Purity beyond Promiscuity, Lust and Sexual Sin

It doesn’t matter where you turn, this word generally makes people uncomfortable. It puts us on edge because it reminds us of those who have hyper focused on one element of purity OR have tried to prescribe what purity must look like in every ones lives – and no one likes to be told by a strange how to live. In the Christian world, Purity continues to be tainted with people either using it to speak about ‘fighting against pornography’ OR about lust and promiscuity. It’s not wrong to speak about purity in relation to these vices and battles, but it IS WRONG to ONLY use it to speak about these things. That limits the virtue to – what to avoid – and that simply isn’t lasting.

The pursuit of purity is one that is rooted in the very core of humanity. If we take a glance at world religions and wisdom traditions, we’ll quickly see that they talk about the pursuit of Purity as something to strive for and as essential to our calling both on this earth, and to transcendence. A Buddhist would say purity includes (not limited to) no harm onto another. A Hindu would say purity includes (not limited to) no ill thought which is required to realise God. A Muslim would say purity is required for God to reside within a person. Even Aboriginal spirituality places an importance on cleansing – a purifying of the person. When all of the wisdom traditions that have existed throughout human history continues to emphasise the importance of an internal reality, it should make us at least stop and say ‘is there something worth considering here?’.

Even our current climate, which is becoming increasingly non-Christian, emphasises the importance of intention. Isn’t this why we now have policing of language, and choices? All to eliminate a kind of ‘impurity’ that may be either conscious or an unconscious intention, that breeds unkindness, and intolerance. The idea being that the difference of opinion to the mainstream voice is deemed an unconscious intention that breeds toxicity, and its incumbent upon that mainstream voice and culture to assist you to ‘purify’ it. The trouble is mainstream opinions shift and change and isn’t rooted in anything concrete.

As Christians, we know this happens when purity is removed from its roots, and the culture tries to plant it in places that have no soil. Purity taken out of relationship with Jesus simply doesn’t bear roots that last.

For Christians, purity of heart is both a cleansing by the spirit, and an engagement of our free will to choose to place union with God as our one and only priority. It’s about Love and it’s a relationship. A relationship whereby the closer we move towards him, the more he’s able to cleanse our hearts, which in turn moves us even more closely towards him. God is the one doing the work of purifying our hearts, but we need to desire to be united to him for that to happen. Because God is not ONLY about the internal reality alone, He also calls us to love others in and through our bodies, mind, and heart. The purer our hearts become, the greater we can love others, because it aligns our heart to that of Jesus who loves others through us.

1. Ask the spirit to cleanse you – invite him in to illuminate the parts of us that are broken, hidden and blocked. Ask him for forgiveness, and ask him to uproot attachments, strengthen your resolve, give you wisdom, and persevere onward.

2. Grow in love of God – finds ways to foster the fire of desire to be united to him whole heartedly.

3. Make practical steps to change your ways – your heart will follow when you adjust the way you choose to live.

4. Do NOT lose hope – Jesus is with you. He will never abandon, not forsake you. He has promised us ‘The pure in heart will see God’.

– NOT may see God

– NOT can hope to see God

– NOT may get closer to God…

That’s a promise he’s made, and Jesus never goes back on his word. No gimmicks, no tricks, no lies and no exaggerations. He means what He says. The Pure in hearts WILL see God’. As our hearts become more drawn into God, we become purified and our pure hearts will one day behold it’s maker.

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