Sunday Best, Rest and Worship

A while ago we noticed something was happening on our socials. People kept coming to our page on a Sunday. We care deeply for the community that surrounds us, and something about knowing many in our community were on their devices on Our Page on a Sunday, left me unsatisfied.  

Social media is a great thing, there’s so much uplifting, positive, encouraging and inspiring things on there. It really is good… when it’s used appropriately. When it’s not, it becomes toxic real quick. From the comments that are left behind by a keyboard warrior on an unsuspecting victim, to losing hours from scrolling on a screen. We realised we had a choice. We could go down the spiral of focusing on ‘all the things we’re not doing so well, given it’s a Sunday’ OR on re-focusing and encouraging our community to find ways to make our Sundays more restful, enjoyable and spiritually fuelling. 

So now, we give you ‘Sunday – Best, Rest and Worship’ posts – where each member of the team shares one way we (and our families and friends) make Sunday a set apart day in our week. Our hope is that you might be able to share in our Sunday by taking up and trying anything that resonates with you to reconnect with God more intimately OR do more of what refuel you to be more present to those God has put in your life, all whilst remembering that today is a day that has been set apart from the rest. 

Sunday Best – an intentional focus on what we choose to wear. If it’s true a Sunday is different to any other day of the week then my attire should also reflect that truth. My thoughts begin the night before, putting together an attire that says, ‘today I put in a little more thought, effort, more time and more energy because today we worship our God together as a community, marking the day and joy of the resurrection all over’. This is a way of not only showing love with our very bodies towards God, but also towards neighbour. It’s a sign of respect and honour for those we’ll be gathering with in community. 

Sunday Rest – the invitation to rest on Sunday is twofold. Firstly, because God has shown from the beginning that he rested on the 7th day, and we who have been made in his image and likeness also need rest. We need to stop the usual work that we do to refocus on what we’re doing, why we’re doing that, who we’re doing it for and recharge our energies for another week. Secondly, it’s an invitation to step aside from the hustle and bustle and remember that the goal isn’t to be productive, achieve something, or complete a task. The goal is heaven – an eternity of abiding with God. Sundays are our invitation to lean into that abiding, free from distractions of work that we need to financially survive, or mentally and physically keep us occupied. Rest, takes practice too, and we get better at resting the more intentionally we practice when we’re supposed to rest. 

Sunday Worship – this is what’s rightly owed to God. The God who brought our very being into existence with no assistance or effort on our part, is owed our gratitude for the gift of life that he’s given to us. This is is our natural state as people who have receivers of this great gift.  

On top of that, not only did he give us life, but he made us like himself – such generosity of his love for his creatures. More than this, he then goes on to redeem us when humanity fell away from him, sending his only Son to suffer and die for us. The gift of life alone is owed gratitude, appreciation, and thanksgiving. Add everything else on top of that, that he has done for humanity and more personally in each of our lives, WOAH! How can we begin to express our thankfulness? The answer – worship. The great joy of worship is that it is not reserved for the Sunday, it’s for every day, but on the Sunday we are able to gather as one Christian community and worship our God, the God of infinite Love and Mercy, together. Each community, and culture having their own ways but always including the word of God and some form of praise and thanksgiving either through song, or prayers said in unison.  This is a day to experience the joy of worshipping as a community, but also an opportunity to take some alone time with God where possible, and everyone has different ways of doing that. 

We hope our Sunday Best, Rest and Worship encourages you to look more closely at how you celebrate the day that has been set apart from your week. We pray that as we share what helps us, you may be able to share with those around you what helps you as well, and we might encourage you to put down that device to reconnect more intimately with God and more generously with neighbour. May your every Sunday be as Blessed as we feel ours. 

Stina Constantine
Stina was born and raised a Norwegian and completed her Bachelor of Psychology and Master of Social Work in Australia. She is a Family & Relationship Counsellor (individuals, couples and children), and the former Young Female City Ambassador (Miss Wagga Wagga 2019) for Wagga Wagga, NSW. Stina also works with separated families and supporting TAFE NSW Students through their Education.

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