The Genesis of Virtue Ministry & Fun Facts

It has been such a wonderful week, celebrating our 7th birthday by embracing and celebrating our team members. At this time of year, we always have a moment to take stock of where we are and where we have come from. That’s why we want to throw it back to our blog post the ‘Genesis of Virtue Ministry’ written by our founder and director, Stina Constantine. We hope you find it as inspiring as we all do here at Virtue Ministry.

Plus if you missed out on our FUN FACTS of our team members during the week on our socials, you can check them all out below!

#1 The first instrument I started to learn to play was as big as me.. A tuba. I wanted the saxophone🎷🤷🏾‍♀️

#2 As a child, I entertained the thought of being a Pocahontas version of Pippi Longstocking, living in a treehouse in a forest.

#3 I’ve jumped out of a plane for the fun of it, and it was enjoyable, but horseback riding on the beach and through a pine forest was way more satisfying.

#4 I have a black belt in Korean Martial Arts.

#5 I don’t drink tea or coffee – one is a personal choice, the other makes me Hulk-out.

#6 I’m slightly more introverted than extroverted and I’d pick a public speaking gig over a networking event any day of the week.

#7 Leading this team, and being called by God into ministry has been the most terrifying thing I’ve ever been asked to do AND EQUALLY the greatest honour of my life so far. ❤️🙏

#1 I was born in Port Hedland, WA
#2 World Youth Day 2008 changed my life
#3 I love art & craft
#4 This may surprise you but I love lifting weights at
the gym!
#5 I have lived with over 25 different people (not at the
one time)
#6 I was married on a Friday evening during a Covid
lockdown, with total 11 people in the church
#7 My role as Prayer Coordinator for VM is usually an
invisible role, but we all notice the difference that
prayer makes.

#1 Played (and lost) to Nick Kyrgios. 🎾

#2 Was a high school Vice Captain.

#3 One of my favourite jobs was delivering pizzas.

#4 Have sung in choirs for more than a decade. 🎶

#5 Have been fortunate to visit America, Philippines, Brazil, Spain and Fiji. ✈️

#6 My wife and I run three small businesses.

#7 I find great joy in creating and presenting workshops, sharing experience and encouraging others to be the best version of themselves!

#1 I’m always thinking of my next meal! (notice that’s number 1!) 🙈

#2 I have my European citizenship, so I can live and work anywhere in the EU – hence Portugal at the moment.

#3 I have that strange compulsion to buy beautiful notebooks and stationary even when I don’t need it. But don’t worry, I’ve got it under control. 📚🖊

#4 Please don’t talk to me in the mornings. ☕☕

#5 I. Love. Rodeos. (and miss them very much!) 🤠

#6 Since arriving in Portugal, I have been on 10 trips and counting, so almost one a month, to the point it’s weird NOT to be somewhere else. God is good!

#7 I love being creative on social media for Virtue Ministry, and doing all the admin for a great and worthy cause. What a joy to promote it!

#1 I’m a mad Geelong Cats fan. 🏈

#2 I really enjoy reading and writing poetry. 🖊📚

#3 I usually write my blogs as a way of praying, after reflecting on an experience I’ve had or something I’ve witnessed. 🙏✍️

#4 My first name and middle name are the same name, but in two different languages.

#5 I played Pontius Pilate in a school play when I was a kid. 🎭

#6 I am the eldest of 35 grandkids.

#7 I am terrible at any sport that involves a racquet or bat. 🎾

#1 Has no sense of direction and as a result, credits GPS with saving my marriage. 🚗

#2 Is an introvert who requires quiet living out the chaotic and noisy life as a wife, and mother of 8.

#3 Is a book nerd who married a man who ‘can’t understand why you’d read the book when you can just watch the movie’. 📚

#4 Has acquired an unhelpful knowledge of the minutiae of AFL. #boymum

#5 Is a budding protégé of Saint Anthony – and can consistently find items in places where others have looked and come up empty. 🔑

#6 Hopes that writing about virtue will help me actually acquire more of it (otherwise I could be in trouble).

#7 Has an overactive imagination and is constantly finding new inspiration for creative projects… 🗒🗓💡

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