S03 E04 Do Long Distance Relationships Work?


0:54 – 6:04 = Topic and Guest Introduction
6:05 – 10:09 = Are Long Distance Relationships Feasible?
10:10 – 12:32 = Are There Times When Long Distance Relationships Won’t Work?
12:33 – 25:59 = FOMO & Difficulties Faced by Couples in long Distance
26:00 – 29:10 = Positives of Long Distance Relationships
29:11 – 36:05 = Conclusion
36:06 – 40:38 = Truth, Beauty and Goodness
40:39 – 41:48 = Closing

One of the new things we’re doing on the podcast is inviting co-hosts onto the show to partake in a conversation on a particular topic. First cab off the rank is Grace Feltoe, our social media and marketing manager.

This week’s topic is about the difficult topic of long distance relationships. They are hard, and many people say they couldn’t do it, but we are here to discuss that.

Can long distance relationships actually work?

Yes, they can, but only if you think it is truly worth it. Is this a person you are actually considering for marriage? Is it worth the emotional investment, time and money, because they aren’t there as mere comfort to you in your day to day life.

When are they not appropriate?

It’s not appropriate if you or they are using a long distance boyfriend/girlfriend, as an emotional security blanket without actually treating the relationship respectfully and discerning marriage. If it is merely for comfort to know someone is there, then this is inappropriate and emotionally dangerous.

What is challenging about long distance relationships?

  • Genuine FOMO. Wanting to share in each other’s joys, but not physically being able to. Always wanting to be doing what they are doing.
  • Hard to get to know someone, especially if you are starting the relationship from afar.

What are positives of long distance?

  • It’s an opportunity for learning how to have clear communication. You must learn to speak your feelings, which is difficult, but very useful, even for face-to-face. 
  • Provides very objective perspective on the relationship – not too caught up on the comfort of having someone there. Creates a proper choice to love, when long distance becomes difficult or tedious, which happens if you haven’t seen them in a long time.

What’s needed for a flourishing long distance relationship?

  • Must remember it’s not forever. There must be an end in mind, when the two lives meet and finally convene.
  • Takes three to be in a relationship, you, them and God. Consider it like a triangle.
  • Pray together – distance makes it difficult, but there is always an opportunity to take some time to prayer together, especially with modern technology.


Grace – Adoration in Sacre-Coeur in Paris. 

Padre- Bishop’s pastoral letter

Stina – Return of the Prodigal Son – Henri Nouwen  

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