Episode 15 – Scripture Passages and their reactions

In this week’s episode, we discuss Scripture passages.

What is your earliest memory with a scripture passage?

Padre: Noah’s ark – the little golden book – And I was inquisitive about the Mary and God the Father

Stina: Other than the OT bible stories in children’s books – Passion and Death

Your favourite book of the bible

Padre: Deuteronomy and The Gospel of John

Stina: Psalms & Genesis (creation and the fall) – beginning to appreciate proverbs more

That first moment you willingly turned to the word without being asked or told to, what were you looking for? What did you find?

Padre: I can’t recall a single first moment that I opened a bible without being asked. I would often pick up the bible and have a read. And I think that was just the family I grew up in, we were always encouraged to read in general and also, encouraged to read scripture, though never forced. A moment of need in which I turned to scripture though I can remember Isaiah 1:18: “come now, let us talk this over. Though your sins may be like scarlet, they shall be white as snow, though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. 

Stina: I had had a spiritual encounter that had left me feeling somewhat paralysed, but I didn’t know how to make sense of it. So when I came home, and was home alone, all I sensed was that I was distressed but I didn’t know why, or what I needed or what else to do to become more settled, so I pulled open my bible (which I never did), turned to a gospel (Luke’s gospel), I don’t know why I went for that one, but I did and I intended to just read until I was content. I somehow found safety within the word. So long as I was reading, I felt secure.  So I just began reading out loud from the start. It didn’t take too long before I read Chapter 5 where Jesus calls Peter, and Peter tells Jesus to depart from him, and then all of a sudden I’m a sobbing mess. I remember not knowing why I so suddenly became a mess. I paused and prayed, and that helped me make sense of a few things and that I was feeling entirely unworthy of the encounter I’d had earlier that day. 

A verse that makes you laugh

Padre: The transfiguration in Matthew and Luke’s accounts. when Peter is all like: “Lord it is good for us to be here! Let me build some tents, one for you, one for moses, one for elijah. I think of Moses saying to Jesus: “So uh….This guy….First pope huh?….cool cool….you set on that? don’t wanna reconsider, cause Jesus this man is about to build us tents. Out of what exactly! we’re on mount tabor! He only has enough material for one tent! And I imagine Elijah being all: I like him He’s my kind of weird! 

Stina: It’s probably cliche – but I love that John makes a point to note that he got to the tomb before Peter. He was respectful enough to wait at the entrance so as to let Peter, who was the lead disciple, enter first but it just makes me giggle every time I hear it. 

  • But so does Jesus naming James and John the sons of thunder given their incident in Luke 9, and getting angry with the Samaritans who didn’t welcome Jesus, and wanting ‘fire come down from heaven and consume’ the Samaritans. Which John didn’t think was worth mentioning in his gospel. 

A passage you find comfort in

Padre: John chapter 21:9. “And when they got to land they saw a charcoal fire.” sounds weird I know. But John doesn’t waste a word. Peter, he denied Jesus by a charcoal fire. So I can imagine the look shared between Jesus and Peter. Peter would have been so broken still about his denial. He stood round a charcoal fire warming himself with those who arrested Jesus. And by this fire he denies him three times. When Peter sees the charcoal fire and Jesus standing by it I can imagine  the look exchanged between Jesus and Peter. I see Peter’s eyes welling up, and Jesus looking lovingly at him. Peter gulps. He doesn’t know if he can even look at that fire, it so reminds him of his failure. But Jesus glance says it all. I’m here. You’re going to be okay. You warmed yourself with the enemy, but today, you will warmed by me. The scene is set, the sin undone, and Peter’s life is redefined at another charcoal fire. 

Stina: SO MANY!!! Because I love the psalms, I take a lot of comfort in them, different ones for different seasons. But one that makes me smile a lot, is actually from the Book of Daniel where three young men have been sent into a fiery furnace for torture by Nebuchadnezzer, and they begin singing a litany of blessings to God about all the elements of creation, calling each one to sing and praise God. Nature – creation – is how I encountered the presence of God first in my life, so this passage just makes me smile, and runs through my head often when I’m out just absorbing nature. 

TBG (Truth, Beauty, Goodness)

Padre: The Lord – Romano Guardini 

Stina: Onboarding new Vm team – Theresa McKendry & Grace Feltoe

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