Episode 26 – Q&A

Questions for Padre & Stina

How do you call a friend out without coming across as self righteous?

How do you talk faith with non-faith friends?

What’s your take on the saying ‘blood is thicker than water’ especially since the original saying actually means the opposite of how people use it?

Friendship with someone with mental illness… can be very hard. When do you listen and when do you put a stop to it?

Any suggestions of prayers, books, or readings for offering up worries about the future to God?


INTERIOR FREEDOM, or Interior Peace.

Jacques Philippe

Searching for and maintaining peace

Jacques Philippe

WAY TO INNER PEACE Fulton sheen.

Fulton Sheen

Crossing the threshold of hope

St. John Paul II (JP2)


Our Lady Undoer of Knots novena

Surrender novena. 

More questions

What is yours and Padre’s favourite dessert?

Can you have a successful romantic relationship with a person who isn’t of the same faith?

What does healthy compromise in a relationship look like?

In today’s culture, how can I go about honoring the femininity of my female friends in a way that shows them their femininity is a gift?

TBG  (Truth, Beauty, Goodness)

Padre – Clergy Conference 

Stina – Season: Friends in preparation for marriage 

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