Episode 32 – 100th Episode – When Friends work Together

Looking back on the most popular episodes

  • How to know when to end a relationship 
  • The 4 temperaments and Jesus
  • Christmas and Challenging Relationships
  • Natural progression of a Relationship

When Friends work Together 

  • Had a conversation about the importance of maintaining a friendship and not allowing it to be consumed by ‘ministry work’. 
  • Having a conversation around what to expect in a working relationship as opposed to friendship 
    • Mindful that at the time you were vice rector at a seminary and first year formator and had many responsibilities with students – so where ordinarily in a work setting there might be expectations of being able to meet certain deadlines etc. the unpredictability of being a priest and a formator just meant our working relationship would need more flexibility than usual
  • Trial and error of figuring out what works and what doesn’t 
    • We agreed to a frequency to begin with, that then became too much and unmanageable for us both so we changed out recording schedule 
    • eg. trial and error we figured out that we set a time aside to talk ministry ‘work’ and we try not to let that take over when we just hang out. Sometimes we need to address things like prepping for a guest interview etc. but we try not to let our friendship be clouded by ‘work’
  • Something I’ve appreciated is that neither one of us holds work or when work remains to be completed over the other when we hang out. There’s no expectation or detriment to nourishing a friendship even if the work itself is not yet complete.  In that, we’ve probably ordered our friendship as more valuable than the work that we do. Not being present to a friend is more damaging than not having the work done on time. 
  • We’ve also learned to laugh at each other’s shortcomings 

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