Episode 41 – Men & Women are from Eden By Mary Healy- Book Study Part 3

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Chapter 7


Marriage is transformed by grace and makes present in the world his own one-flesh union with His church.

Chapter 8

Love is fruitful

So to ‘close the door’ on God in the potential for new life is actually extremely insulting. It’s like we’re saying ‘The God who in his wisdom thought me up, wanted me and created me, doesn’t know better than what I know in this moment about what is good, beautiful. The great gift that he gave me in making me, is not a gift I am willing to participate in order to create another and for another – whom also is my own!’.

  • Could say two things
    • One: we don’t truly value the gift of life that we have. We don’t have adequate gratitude for our lives
    • Two: we don’t appreciate the responsibility of love – to receive and to give AND the immense new gift of relationship he calls us into with another
      • It’s not like God wants to USE us as a surrogate, and then take the child away, like ‘thanks for your sperm and your womb’ now we have a new life, yippe! No he’s actually gifting us a new ‘our own’ (His child, but also ours) in the creation of this new life.


Sex without Babies. Reproductive tech – Babies without sex. In the case of reproductive technology, we’re separating the pro-creative from the unitive dimensions of the sexual act. God wills us to partcipate with Him in making new life. In ascertain sense He asks us to bring new life into the world in a manner which reflects His relational essence. To take that relationsality out, means that the child is not a product of love, rather a product of commerce.

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TBG (Truth, Beauty, Goodness) 

Padre: Passions and Virtue by Servais Pinkaers OP

Stina: Floriade Canberra

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