S03 E07 – Friends Centred on Christ See Things Differently


1:01 – 3:20 = Topic Introduction and Context (Core of friendships)
3:21 – 8:24 = Packing up and move
8:25 – 9:35 = People doing Gossips and remarks
9:36 – 16:32 = Dynamics of our friendship
16:33 – 24:20 = Boundaries in our Friendship
24:21 – 26:58 = Truth Beauty and Goodness
26:59 – 28:13 = Closing and Patreon

This episode is about the observation of Fr Sean Byrnes moving to Wagga Wagga and the comments people made to Stina regarding having Padre so close. Stina has been asked questions by a variety of people – clergy to lay ‘How are you feeling about Fr Byrnes moving to Wagga?’ ‘You must be excited to have him so much closer’

This brings to light the topic of friendship and what is the centre of their friendship? The answer: Christ.

Padre was appointed after 9 months in Narrandera to be appointed administrator of the Cathedral in Wagga Wagga, shortening what was expected to be a 6 year term as parish priest.

Was difficult moving to Wagga, because he was just settling in to the parish and had grown attached to the community.

It was a good act of obedience to the bishop. And the bishop does it in good faith.

Was sad to leave the parish but excited for the journey.

People were expecting Stina to be excited for him to be so close, but she wasn’t feeling the excitement. And took it to prayer. She would be excited for him anywhere he would be sent, not just Wagga.

She was joyful that the people of Wagga get to experience his God given gifts and talents.

Stina asked Padre is it odd or insulting to not have more happiness for the move?

But Padre thinks it makes total sense.

Distance has never been an obstacle to the friendship, because it’s not based on how close or how far away either is. It’s based on a love of and for Christ. 

God is at the centre of their friendship and proximity doesn’t really affect that.

Their friendship has been maintained in various ways throughout the years.

  • Was similar for Stina’s deportation saga – being concerned for a friend, but not for our friendship. Wherever God wants you to be, is where you’re meant to be.

The friendship has been based on:

  • Mutual respect, admiration and the love of God
  • Distance isn’t the measure of our friendship.
  • No friendship is perfect, and ours is no different here. 
    • There are tensions and difficulties, even within the podcasting experience!
    • Always worked through and around it.
  • The difference of opinion doesn’t change the friendship – even in heated discussions.
  • This comes to seeing boundaries being pushed?
    • You must honour the other in terms of physical and emotional boundaries.
      • Physical touch is very limited, for the sake of reputations… but also Padre ain’t a hugger!
      • Hanging out in the presence of others in general.
      • Knowing the boundaries of sharing. (Things that are appropriate and inappropriate to share, for they may be for spiritual director or for Stina’s girlfriends or Padre’s priestly circle.)
      • Enjoying each other’s joys and sharing sorrow without any over-reliance.
      • Continually learning from the friendship, that it isn’t perfect, but that it is always centred on God. If one starts to lose sight of that or a particular boundary, responsibility, or respect for another, it means one needs to always find God within it. Always ask within friendships, where is God in this?
      • And have open discussion about it.


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