S03 E05 – Why ‘Good’ Friday?


3:00 – Jesus fixing his will in the Agony in the Garden

10:17 – All he prophesied he did including rising from the dead

Why ‘Good’ Friday?

  • Romano Guardini – The agony was the hardest part of the Passion, and things got ‘easier’ from that point. Was the most isolating moment in Christ’s passion. The discpled fell asleep as he was in this deep terror and sadness. A radical loneliness, isolation and anxiety drumming into Himself the darkness and sin of the world.  
  • Why Friday? Why that day of the week? The answer requires going back to Genesis. God worked for six days and rested on the seventh day. On the sixth day, God created man in his own image. There is no mistake that on the sixth day (Friday), God re-establishes creation. And then on the seventh day God rested reflecting Christ laying in the tomb ‘resting’ on the seventh day (Saturday).

Moving Moments of the Crucifixion

  • Matthew 27: Christ is given the sponge in vinegar.
  • So many prophesies that Jesus fulfils on the Cross, one of them is ‘I thirst’ and it reminds us of Psalm 69:21 ‘…they gave me vinegar to drink’. 
  • The Romans would mix cheap vinegar and gall as a painkiller, to dull the experience for those being crucified – it also makes sense that Jesus would have bodily felt thirsty with the amount of blood loss he faced starting from the agony in the garden
  • Yet, Jesus refuses the vinegar that was offered not wanting any of his suffering to be dulled, and not wanting his mind to become unclear because of what was mixed in with it. He wanted to fully give of himself to us. 
  • Wanted to fully accept the suffering and the thirst .

Why ‘Good’ Friday?

  • Jesus took on what we couldn’t
  • He fulfilled what was prophesied – that the bridegroom would come and unite his people to him AND everything he said he would do, he did. Everything he said he would do in his life, he did.
  • Including – rising from the dead
  • He overcame death – the thing that all of creation tends to fear, and run from at every turn.

We have a God that is so outrageously, and outlandishly loving that he would give himself in such a manner.

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Padre: Romano Guardini – The humanity of Christ: A contribution to a psychology of Jesus

Stina: God’s creativity (bioethics vs psychology) in different people

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