S04 E17 – ‘Hearts of the Holy Family and Interior Disposition’ Advent Part 2


00:00 – 04:58 = Intro

04:59 – 07:35 = Topic Introduction and Context (Hearts of the Holy family and Interior
07:36 – 26:22 = Scripture Breakdown & Thesis.
26:23 – 29:34 = Truth Beauty and Goodness
29:35 – 29:43 = Closing 

Part 2 of Advent

A conversation around the interior disposition of the Holy Family

Mary’s disposition was of openness and obedience found in the Annunciation. She is SO open! Luke 1:26 onward.

Openness to receiving God’s word and responding to God’s word.

‘Hail full of grace, the Lord is with you’. ‘Hail’ means ‘rejoice’. Used as a past participle – something that has already happened. She is one already redeemed. And she is so open to the Word thanks to God’s grace.

She’s disturbed not by the angel, but by the greeting. It indicated the humility of the blessed mother. Has a disposition of waning to do the will of God, and naturally thinking of the Will of God. Thinking of God more and ourselves less.

In contrast to Zechariah – he doubts what God can to. In that way, he loses his speech. In the time of silence he has a change of heart. His doubt is eradicated. And shows the fruits of silence

Mary doesn’t doubt the goodness and power of God, but in light of her own unique situation, she enquires about how what the angel says will be accomplished. Do we have this same faith this Advent. 

Mary kept these things, pondered them in her heart – Luke 2:19 

You hear these extraordinary things happen in her life, she didn’t run to tell the world. She kept them internally – not that she was afraid etc. – it was about dialoguing with God. Needing to retreat and dialogue with God, with whatever was sitting in her heart.

‘Pondered’ – the actual Greek word is ‘dialogue’.

Thoughts on Joseph

God speaks to him through his dreams.

Joseph has a level of knowledge of himself and a solid relationship with God, to be able to dicern what is his own imaginings and what is coming from God.

Speaks to how much of a man of God and docile to the call of God in his sleep.

He was faithful and just.

  • Joseph’s dream, and obedience to God to lead the family – taking Mary as his wife, leaving for Egypt. 

There’s a nice Catholic tradition that the idea of Joseph died in the arms of Jesus with Mary by his side. – A reward in a certain sense to his life of service, looking into the eyes of Son, who was looking into eternity.

How do we harbour and imitate some of these dispositions:

Examination of Conscience

End of the day look at the good and joy of the day, where we have fallen and sinned, what hopes and desires for the day. Examine our docility of our dispositions.

Examination of Consciousness

Doing an examination throughout the day. Wanting to improve on a sin, or how we are doing – ‘checking in’ with ourselves and our disposition to God

Looking at Mary’s Example

One example: Having adequate time to communicate and dialogue with God before taking action in life. There is so much we can cleave from the actions of Mary through the Bible. Model Mary!


Padre‘Adore’ by Fr John Burns – Guided Advent journal

Stina – Lunch with friends 

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