S04 Ep18 – ‘Rejoice’- Advent Episode 3

Philippians 4:4 ‘Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice’

Theme is joy.

Approaching Gaudate Sunday – third Sunday of Advent – the Sunday to remember to rejoice.

In a season of penance we’re reminded of the importance of joy! We are Christians and we have reason to rejoice – Christ is to be born to us.

This is such a great opportunity to take stock of our attitudes.

Are we joyful in this season? Or are we beaten down by the cringeyness of the world trying to make Christmas about a fat man in a suit, or about boycotting Christmas because the gifts aren’t good for the environment?

With the overload of materialism in Christmas make us cringe or sigh. The world telling you ways to be joyful in the wrong way. Buying love by materialism is a recipe for despair.

The key is connection spiritually and with people.

But the source of our joy must come from a much deeper place.

If we are genuinely joyful, is the core of our joy because we anticipate seeing family that we’ve not seen in a while, or being able to travel, prepare a meal for a loved ones, share gifts, surprising colleagues, decorating, watch children get excited and play, hit first time milestones etc. Are these the things that bring us Joy about this season? If so, we’re not digging deep enough. It’s good that we see beauty, and goodness, and delight and find joy in all of these things, but in this season, our Joy should be coming from a much deeper truth Christ came for you and I.

It is so important that our joy be located in Christ, because some of us don’t have the best connection with family and/or friends, but we all can have the joy of Jesus Christ.

Don’t be scared to say that you will be alone on Christmas, ask your priest or pastor.

(Soup kitchen a St Michael’s Parish on Christmas Day, if you wish to have connection on Christmas.)

What’s happens when joy is rooted in a deeper place. (eg. Happy family meal fails) When experiences don’t meet expectation you are aware that your joy comes from the bedrock of Jesus Christ.

This is something that needs to be fostered and nurtured during Advent to be there Christmas Day.


Padre: Nephew considering seminary

Stina: Integratus – American journal – Psychotherapy meets the Catholic faith 

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