S05 Ep03 – Holy Week – Gift & Mystery

Holy Week – Gift & Mystery – The Gift of Christ and the Mystery of Suffering

00:00 – 03:43 = Introduction and context (Holy week).
03:43 – 12:39 = Jesus’s Gift & Mystery.
12:40 – 13:24 = Fixing our Hope.
13:25 – 16:40 = Truth, beauty and goodness.
16:41 – 16:50 = Closing.

Hosts Stina and Padre explore the deeper meaning of Holy Week, emphasizing the significance of suffering. They discuss the concepts of Gift and Mystery, and the connection between suffering and redemption, urging us to actively participate in Christ’s sacrifice. Three key realities of suffering are highlighted, encouraging the choice of acceptance over endurance.

– Highlights that Holy Week isn’t just about brutality; it’s about Our Lord’s self-sacrifice.

– Explores phrases like ‘Jesus died for our sins’ and ‘depth of his love,’ diving into their true meaning.

– Examines the concepts of Gift and Mystery, drawing parallels with the celebration of Christmas.

– Discusses how the interplay of Gift and Mystery is evident in the events of the upper room, on the cross, and in the tomb.

– Highlights the mystery of the Eucharist, God giving himself veiled in a comprehensible manner.

– Explores the mystery of suffering during the Last Supper, emphasizing Christ willingly embracing suffering. Connects this to St. Paul’s concept of redemptive suffering and the invitation for believers to unite their suffering with Christ’s.

– Suffering was not intended for us originally

– God suffered for our eternal joy

– We’re called to accept His suffering.

– We encourage to choose acceptance over mere endurance, accepting Christ’s nearness and understanding in times of suffering.

– We urge embracing the mystery of human suffering and living it out in a radical fashion.

When you place yourself in the upper room – who are you? And where are you in relation to the resurrected Jesus? 

Stina – Growing with the Team

Padre John Paul II, in my own words

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