S05 Ep04 – Easter – Appearance in the Upper Room


Easter – Appearance in the Upper Room – Behold the Pierced One

00:00 – 05:34 = Introduction and context (Easter and Upper room).
05:35 – 14:59 = Grief.
15:00 – 16:59 = Post World War 2 story.
17:00 – 18:29 = Truth, beauty and goodness.
18:30 – 18:49 = Closing.

In this episode, hosts Stina and Padre discuss the transformative events in the upper room post-Jesus’ resurrection, highlighting the unexpected gift of peace amid doubt. Emphasizing the significance of recognizing Jesus’ wounds and the connection between Mass and a surrendered life. 

Unlocking the Upper Room:

  • Reflects on the bewilderment in the upper room after witnessing Jesus’ crucifixion and the uncertainty surrounding His resurrection.
  • Describes the disciples’ emotions, doubts, and fear as Jesus appears, offering an unexpected gift – ‘Peace be with you.’

The Significance of Peace:

  • Explores the profound impact of Jesus prioritizing peace amidst grief, guilt, and hopelessness.
  • Jesus reveals His wounds, emphasizing the importance of recognizing His resurrected body and the familiarity of sharing meals with disciples.

Paradoxical Elements and Commissioning:

  • delves into paradoxes, highlighting Jesus showing wounds followed by a bid of peace and a commissioning to go and get wounded themselves.
  • Joseph Ratzinger’s insight on making Jesus’ sacrifice a prayer to the Father is discussed, emphasizing the importance of worship through service, suffering, and truth proclamation.

Living in His Wounds:

  • The hosts challenge listeners to take up Jesus’ wounds, allowing them to become their own, fostering a life of worship and surrender to the Father.
  • The connection between Mass and a life surrendered for others is emphasized as the key to bearing fruit in worship.

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