S05 Ep09 – Virtue: Diligence and Perseverance

00:29 – 03:52 = Topic Introduction and Context (Virtue of Diligence)
03:53 – 08:11 = Diligence with God.
08:12 – 13:32 = What’s contrary Diligence?
13:33 – 26:52 = Ways to Build Diligence.
26:53 – 31:42 = Truth, Beauty and Goodness.
31:43 – 31:55 = Closing

In this episode, we delve into the concept of diligence as a virtue, exploring its significance in various aspects of life and faith. From personal growth to spiritual development, diligence serves as a guiding principle for intentional living and nurturing our relationship with God. Through insightful discussions and practical examples, we uncover the essence of diligence and its transformative power in our daily lives.

  • Understanding Diligence as a Virtue:
    • Diligence entails intentional care, attention, and effort in fulfilling responsibilities across different spheres of life.
    • It encompasses personal well-being, relationships, work, time management, and the use of talents and gifts.
  • Intentionality as a Precondition:
    • Before embracing diligence, it’s crucial to be conscious of the life we’re called to live and act in alignment with our true selves and our calling.
  • Biblical Perspective on Diligence:
    • Scriptures underscore the importance of diligence in nurturing our relationship with God and growing spiritually.
    • Diligence prioritizes Christ and cooperating with His saving grace, rather than relying solely on self-effort.
  • Overcoming Sloth and Procrastination:
    • Sloth, the antithesis of diligence, often manifests as disobedience to the demands of love.
    • Diligence requires immediate action in response to God’s call, without succumbing to procrastination or excuses.
  • Practical Strategies for Building Diligence:
    • Set clear, achievable goals and break them down into manageable chunks.
    • Plan effective ways to achieve goals, incorporating systems and processes.
    • Eliminate distractions that hinder progress and create frustration.
    • Remain flexible and open to making adjustments along the way.
    • Seek feedback, embrace humility, and be willing to learn and adapt.
    • Establish accountability through trusted individuals who can hold you accountable.
    • Celebrate wins and milestones as a way to reinforce positive habits and progress.

By embracing diligence as a virtue and implementing practical strategies, listeners can cultivate a lifestyle characterized by purposeful action, growth, and fulfillment in both personal and spiritual realms.

  1. How can you identify areas in your life where you may be lacking diligence, and what steps can you take to cultivate a greater sense of intentionality and purpose in those areas?
  2. Reflect on your response to God’s call to action in your life. Are there instances where procrastination or excuses have hindered your obedience? How can you overcome these barriers and respond with diligence to God’s promptings?
  3. Consider the practical strategies discussed for building diligence, such as setting goals, eliminating distractions, and seeking accountability. Which of these strategies resonate most with you, and how can you implement them effectively in your daily life to foster growth and progress?

Padre – Encounter with 

Stina – resource: Atomic Habits by James Clear

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