S05 Ep11 – Holy Spirit & Pentecost

00:29 – 02:56 = Topic Introduction and Context (Holy Spirit & Pentecost)
02:57 – 09:52 = What is faith, belief & Holy Spirit?
09:53 – 10:38 = What’s Pentecost?
10:39 – 13:40 = Truth Beauty and Goodness.
13:41 – 14:24 = Closing.

In this episode, we delve into the empowering moment when the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles, transforming them into effective witnesses of the faith. Witnessing extends beyond passive observation; it’s about actively testifying to the reality of Christ in our lives. Rooted in personal experience and empowered by the Holy Spirit, believers are called to boldly testify to Christ’s love and message. Through invoking the Holy Spirit’s aid, we can courageously proclaim Christ’s lordship in our lives and in the world. Join us as we explore how the Holy Spirit equips believers to be bold witnesses of the faith.

  • Picture the scene: The apostles, fearful and uncertain, gather in an upper room following Jesus’ ascension. They’re at a crossroads, wondering what comes next.
  1. The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit:
    • The Holy Spirit descends upon the apostles, endowing them with wisdom, understanding and other gifts.
    • This event marks the apostles’ transformation into effective witnesses of the faith.
  2. Understanding Witnessing:
    • Being a witness goes beyond observing events; it entails bearing testimony to the work of Christ in one’s life.
    • Witnessing involves actions, words, and thoughts that reflect a deep relationship with Christ, fueled by the Holy Spirit.
  3. The Nature of Faith:
    • Faith isn’t mere belief but trust and reliance on God, rooted in personal experience.
    • Apostles are called to testify not based on speculation but on the reality of encountering Jesus Christ.
  4. The Role of the Holy Spirit:
    • The Holy Spirit, known as the paraclete, empowers the apostles and stands beside them in their mission.
    • Just as the Spirit supported Jesus in his mission, it strengthens the apostles to spread the Father’s love through preaching and action.
  5. Our Call to Witness:
    • The commission to be witnesses extends beyond the apostles to all believers
    • We can invoke the Holy Spirit’s assistance to testify to Christ’s lordship and cooperate with the gifts bestowed upon us.
  1. How does the event of the Holy Spirit’s outpouring upon the apostles challenge our understanding of witnessing in today’s context?
  2. Reflecting on the nature of faith as trust and reliance, how can we deepen our personal experiences with God to strengthen our witness to others?
  3. Think about your role as a witness of the faith. In what ways can you actively testify to Christ’s love and message in your daily life?

Padre – Ned the baby

Stina – Book: Flourish by Martin Seligman + Gift of friendship – Grace Morey

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