S05 Ep13 – Debunking- Does God Hate Sinners?

In this episode, we address a controversial statement made by a pastor regarding God’s attitude towards sinners. We examine Augustine’s perspective, contextualize biblical passages, and rebut Protestant Christology. Drawing parallels with parental love, we explore the concept of unconditional love and share personal testimonies of experiencing God’s mercy and forgiveness.

  1. Augustine’s Perspective: Early Christians upheld the belief of loving the sinner while hating the sin, as advocated by Augustine.
  2. Contextualizing Scripture: Biblical passages mentioning God’s hatred for the wicked should be understood in the context of their rebellion against God, not as a personal vendetta.
  3. Rebutting Protestant Christology: The pastor’s viewpoint aligns with Martin Luther’s doctrine of total depravity, which differs from the Catholic perspective emphasizing humanity’s inherent goodness despite sin.
  4. Parenting Analogy: Healthy relationships, including those with God, are based on unconditional love rather than conditional acceptance.
  5. God’s Unconditional Love: God’s love for sinners is unwavering and extends to all, inviting reconciliation rather than condemnation.
  6. Personal Testimony: Both as sinners and as recipients of God’s mercy, we testify to the boundless love and forgiveness available to all through Christ.
  1. Reflect on a time when you may have struggled with understanding God’s unconditional love in the face of your own mistakes or shortcomings. How did you ultimately come to terms with this concept?
  2. Consider the role of forgiveness and reconciliation in your relationships, both with others and with yourself. How does your understanding of God’s forgiveness influence your approach to forgiving others and seeking reconciliation?
  3. How can we strive to embody the principles of unconditional love and forgiveness in our daily lives, both in our interactions with others and in our relationship with a higher power or spiritual belief system?

Padre: Homework!! – Read Redemptor Hominis (Encyclical) No.1-11

Stina: Craft-ernoon session with some mums and friends.

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