S05 Ep14 – Virtue of Justice

In this episode, Stina and Padre delve into the virtue of justice, exploring its various dimensions and relevance in contemporary society. They emphasize justice as more than just adherence to legal codes but as a moral imperative rooted in gratitude and reverence for a higher power, and we touch on the often-overlooked virtue of religion, the importance of just speech, and the harmony between justice and mercy. Through personal anecdotes and reflections, they illustrate practical ways to cultivate justice in daily life, steering one’s will towards virtuous actions and ultimately becoming a just person.

  1. Understanding Justice: Justice is one of the four cardinal virtues, emphasizing the importance of giving to others what is rightfully theirs. It’s not just about legal laws but also about adhering to moral laws, particularly acknowledging our indebtedness to a higher power.
  2. Virtue of Religion: Often forgotten, religion is a virtue that underscores our inherent need to acknowledge dependence on a higher being. For Christians, it’s about worshiping and praising God for the gift of life and sustenance.
  3. Justice in Speech: Words have power, and justice extends to how we speak. Treating others fairly and with kindness is essential, aligning with the commandment not to bear false witness.
  4. Mercy and Generosity: Justice and mercy are not opposed but complementary. Mercy is God’s generous response to humanity’s shortcomings, fulfilling the broader concept of justice.
  5. Growing in Justice: Reflecting on personal responsibilities and deepening one’s relationship with God are key steps in nurturing the virtue of justice. This may involve reassessing language habits and responding to situations that challenge one’s principles with grace and prayer.

What does taking responsibility for my family look like at the moment? Do I honour my parents, and do I lead a kind of life that encourages my children to honour me? Or do I make it difficult for them?

Do I stop to give my spouse the care and attention that is owed to them? Or do I try to find shortcuts so that I can continue to do what I was doing instead of putting my need in that moment on pause to be present to my spouse?

Speech with leaders – How do I speak about those in authority or power when I disagree with their approach? How does it sound in my heart?

Reflecting on the virtue of Purity from last month – Am I constantly shifting my language ONLY or do I try to eliminate and purify my heart ‘What comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart’ – Matthew 15 – AND do I want to do this out of a sense of shame, guilt or fear of hell OR do I want this shift to occur out of Love for God – and desiring to honour him, which also includes a taking of responsibility for and love of neighbour?

Relationship with others – Gifts/Talents/Money – Do I consider it my own, or do I look at it as a steward – it has been given to me for a time and a purpose, and I’m responsible for using it wisely.

Do I give to those in need, or to support good initiatives – as an extra during lent? Or to get a tax break? OR Do I give because I know this is owed to them?

Sometimes we think of the actions we choose as being generous, when in fact they’re actually just what’s owed to another person. It’s not something that goes above and beyond. Eg. When we give to charity, we often consider ourselves as being generous people – when in reality, we have a responsibility for each other, and what we’re ‘stewards of’ actually belongs to the other. It’s on us to ensure it gets to them. So there’s nothing ‘extra’ as such that we’re doing, we’re just ensuring what was always theirs, gets to them.

  1. How does your understanding of justice influence your interactions with others, particularly in speech and behavior?
  2. Reflect on moments when you’ve witnessed or experienced injustice. How did you respond, and what actions can you take to uphold justice in similar situations in the future?
  3. Consider your relationship with religion or spirituality. How does acknowledging a higher power impact your sense of justice and gratitude in everyday life?

StinaGod’s love in the sky – by Judie Maree Prasser

Padre – Bishop dinner and tea

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