S05 Ep17: Book Study – Gift and Grit – Part 3

00:00 – 35:56 = Book Chapter Introduction and Context (Chapters 12-16)
35:57 – 45:28 = God’s Role and Chastity.
45:29 – 52:58 = Wholeness with God.
52:59 – 56:44 = Truth Beauty & Goodness.

In this episode, Stina and Emily delve into the profound interplay between personal healing, relationships, and spiritual growth. Through thoughtful discussions, we uncover the transformative power of honesty with God, the significance of choosing authentic freedom in Christ, and the healing dynamics inherent in our relationships.

  1. Honesty with God: Cultivating a genuine relationship with the divine begins with unfiltered honesty. It involves laying bare our joys, doubts, and fears, inviting God into the depths of our innermost thoughts and emotions. This vulnerability serves to deepen our connection with the divine and facilitates profound healing.
  2. Choosing True Freedom: True freedom is not about pursuing our own desires but rather surrendering our will to God’s divine plan. It entails a courageous act of trust, relinquishing our desires and embracing God’s purpose for us. This surrender leads to a liberation and peace that transcends human understanding.
  3. Healing Through Relationships: Just as hurt people, hurt people, so those who have experienced healing, help heal people. As we allow God to heal our wounds, we become better equipped to extend love, compassion, and understanding to others. Thus, our relationships become channels for mutual healing and growth.
  4. Suffering and Growth: Although suffering is often viewed as a negative experience, it can serve as a catalyst for personal growth. Embracing suffering with faith and resilience can lead to profound transformation. Through our struggles, we glean valuable insights and deepen our faith.
  5. Community and Reflection: Community plays a pivotal role in our healing journey. By surrounding ourselves with supportive and like-minded individuals, we create an environment conducive to mutual encouragement and growth. Through shared experiences and introspection, we gain fresh perspectives and insights.
  1. Honesty with God: What would it look like to be radically honest with yourself, and with God?
  2. Choosing True Freedom: Can you recall a time when you had to trust God’s plan over your own desires? How did it feel?
  3. Healing Through Relationships: Think about a relationship that has helped you heal. What did that relationship teach you?
  4. Suffering and Growth: Share an experience that was tough but led to personal growth. What did you learn?
  5. Community and Reflection: How does your community support your spiritual growth? How can you deepen these connections?

This episode encourages listeners to embrace vulnerability, entrust themselves to God’s plan, and seek healing through authentic relationships and community support. It challenges us to reflect on our personal journeys toward healing and freedom, urging us to take intentional steps toward deeper spiritual and personal growth.

Emily Shaw – Child’s witness and receiving the sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time

Stina – Seminary – Formators humanity 

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