S06 Ep07 – Should You Have Expectations in Friendship?

In this episode, we explore how to balance giving without expecting anything in return with maintaining healthy expectations in relationships. Through personal stories and reflections, we discuss setting boundaries and being intentional about both giving and receiving to nurture fulfilling connections. Join us as we navigate the nuances of cultivating meaningful relationships guided by the wisdom of the virtues.

1. Understanding Expectations in Relationships:

   – While the principle of giving without expecting anything in return is noble, it may not fully apply to close relationships like friendships.

   – Friendships are built on trust, honesty, and mutual support, naturally leading to certain expectations of love, respect, and kindness.

2. The Fruits of Friendship:

   – In close friendships, there exists an intimacy and trust that should be reciprocal, fostering a sense of safety and emotional support.

   – Healthy boundaries help maintain the appropriate level of intimacy in different types of relationships, avoiding confusion or misunderstandings.

3. Building Safety Through Expectations:

   – Expectations in relationships provide a sense of predictability and familiarity, which is crucial for nurturing and sustaining connections.

   – Knowing what to expect from friends allows for mutual growth, development, and deeper emotional bonds.

4. The Pitfalls of Expecting Nothing in Return:

   – Adopting a mindset of expecting nothing in return can lead to overextending oneself and neglecting personal needs for nourishment and support.

   – Recognizing the balance between giving and receiving is essential to maintain emotional health and prevent burnout.


   – Reflect on your own giving and receiving patterns in relationships. Are you maintaining a healthy balance, or are you giving more than you receive?

– Consider the role of expectations in your friendships: How do your expectations of love, respect, and support influence the dynamics of your relationships? How can you communicate and align these expectations with your friends to foster deeper connections?

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