S4 Ep07 – Boundaries


00:00 – 03:12 = Intro

03:13 – 05:59 = Topic Introduction and Context (Boundaries).

05:59 – 07:10 = Time as a boundary.

07:11 – 09:52 = Emotional and mental boundaries.

09:53 – 14:43 = What are relational boundaries.

14:44 – 18:49 = What do we need to build boundaries properly?

18:50 – 21:29 = Truth Beauty and Goodness.

21:30 – 21:39 = Closing.

Areas to consider where we may need boundaries:


Your body is sacred –  care for the body and for the environment

Healthy eating, sleep on a physical level, work and play. There needs to be a healthy sense of physical boundaries with ourself.

Time – Your time is valuable.

How do you guard your time? – Too much leisure, too much work, time with family?

All boundaries really are is a framework of how you operate – The expectations we have upon ourselves and others and how we want to move in the world.


Your emotions are not to be messed with.

Knowing what is and isn’t yours to take on – there’s a difference between sitting with someone in their challenge, and entering into their pain and taking that on for yourself. 

Can be particularly challenging for women, they will go so far to help and yet not have enough to offer – not in a place of abundance where they can give.

Sitting with others painful stories which start to impact our own life. – Vicarious trauma

Relational Space

Who we’re in relationship with, the relationships we prioritise, and how much we invest in them.

These may also include which of the people we’re in relationship with match our values, encourages and appreciates them VS which challenge us, and how differences are handled. Your time is valuable.

  • Communication with respect, autonomy and independence, personal space, being able to voice concerns and challenges, being able to leave if things become disrespectful 

In a physical sense, for people in romantic relationships, it’s about cultivating healthy boundaries that can be taken into marriage – boundaries need to exist IN marriage as well as before marriage.

What we need to manage boundaries:

  • Self-awareness of personal expectations
  • Communication skills – have the right words, and be open to communicate on both sides.
  • Assertiveness – Be firm in what you have implemented as the boundaries. Being respectful in what has been outlined as the boundaries. It is on us to be assertive, if someone else oversteps the boundary.

Accountable: You control what you do, no one else does – it’s on us to set and maintain boundaries with people. I can control what I let people get away with


Padre – The new Virtue Ministry course at the parish. The orientation and equipping given to the parishioners through the Healing course.

Stina – witness a friend being financially detached – abandonment. Trusting God with her finances.

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