S5 Ep1 – Virtue of Humility


00:00 – 01:49 = Introduction and context (Humility).
01:50 – 10:30 = Misconception about Humility.
10:31 – 18:23 = Different about Virtue of Humility.
18:24 – 20:29 = Truth, beauty and goodness.
20:30 – 20:40 = Closing.

In this episode, Stina and Padre invite listeners to embrace the transformative force of Humility in their journey of virtue. They emphasize that true Humility is not a checklist of actions but a state of being that flows from a life of virtue.

  • Challenges in Understanding Humility:
    • There are many common misconceptions surrounding Humility.
    • Highlight the quote, “Humility is not thinking of yourself as less; it’s thinking of yourself less.”
  • The Lord of the Rings Analogy:
    • Drawing parallels between J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and the concept of Humility.
    • Discuss the significance of looking inward and recognizing our dependence on God.
  • Cultivating Humility – A Unique Challenge:
    • An emphasis on the uniqueness of Humility compared to other virtues.
    • Discussed the paradox of trying to grow Humility on our own leading to the strengthening of the vice of Pride.
    • Highlight the importance of recognizing complete dependence on God in every aspect of life.
  • The Secret to Cultivating Humility:
    • Humility is a natural byproduct of a life focused on love for God and others through growing in the virtues.
  • What stands in the way for you to shift focus from self to God?

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